Anyone have one of these kids motorbikes

janine103, Jan 19, 1:25am
if you want to buy a kids motorbike then buy something decent.Get a pw50 or something similar. Those pocket bikes pit bikes are not for little kids to ride.

bigjerry, Jan 19, 3:12am
i would have to agree with my fellow posters here. those things are kind of a race bike for serious up and coming riders ( as serious as you can be on a 2 foot machine) but yeah, for kids its best to stick to the big 3, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda, they have made 50cc's for years. My favourite is the Hondas as they look like thier big brothers.

jsbike, Jan 19, 3:47am
get a suzuki jr50, its got the brakes in the right place, foor for rear, right hand for front. most of the others only have hand operated brakes.

jsbike, Jan 19, 5:48am
I'm talking auto clutch single gear kids bikes here. When we were kids we had a jr50, a qr50 and a pw50. All were about the same hight and auto clutch. I found it easier going to a "real" bike given that the rear brake was was in the same place as the jr. the jr was also the fastest, and from memory the only one that was a proper chain drive

jsbike, Jan 19, 6:17am
you're not comparing apples with apples. Im sure you're right the xr/crf will be faster but as you said, the gears need a good stirring. Not really a starting point for the smallest/youngest riders who are not up with managing the changing gear thing.

52ford, Jan 19, 6:45am
haha marymoooooooo stick it to the man!

jsbike, Jan 19, 7:18am
I can see your point on the xr, I just guess am bias to the jr seeing I know as a kid I was able to beat the neighbours larger geared honda, though admitidly I was at that stage too big for it so could really crank it into corners etc. never seen the xr50 size wise, near to size/weight as the jr! I just know my kid can ride a bike without gears closer to the edge that with gears at this stage. Oobviousy if geared and auto are ridden as close to the edge as poss, the geard one will be faster

kazbanz, Jan 19, 7:30am
if Your up this way mon swing by with ya little man.
The Xr/crf is a knats whisker taller than the JR -with the JR shocks on the taller setting.
Darn thing nigh on flips if I curry it in first and shift fast into second.
But for my 7 year old -I start it -bung it into second and it just goes everywhere in second no worries

jsbike, Jan 19, 7:34am
lol, chch here bud!

kazbanz, Jan 7, 10:40am
I know mate but stranger things have happened.