Teach your kids the road rules early!

tk011, May 8, 7:17am

pollymay, May 8, 7:22am
Oh ffs. I took an interest in things from a young age hence became an enthusiest, there are those kids that will just despise every minute and learn 2/5 of fark all. If someone is interested they are interested but whatever if the kids enjoy it all is well.

Just hope there is no PC crap or misinformation like "if you enter a slide pump the brakes", light the bitch up and try steer out of it. You touch the brakes and I will remotely slap you stupid through the 8th dimension.

tk011, May 8, 7:36am
This is for 3 to 6 year olds, just about fun and learning about road signs and stuff. See a few articles back on the website for the more complicated aspects of car control for adults.

pollymay, May 8, 8:43am
Lol I know it's just for fun that is why I want them to keep it that way. Whenever they had classes like this or things like road crossing safety there was always someone from the NZ police or whoever was teaching saying something totally overhead or pratish. "But we are teaching them something they may keep into adulthood", helps when it's based on experiance rather than some regurgitated rubbish. Reminds me of the christian classes they used to make me do, they'd bear down on me and basically shun for not believing which is none of their business and really upsetting for a little kid. Poor me, ROFL.

tk011, May 8, 8:49am
LOL, yeah was alot of fun. Kids loved it and I'm sure most of the parents got a kick out of watching them! I know I for one got a kick out of looking at the cars in the showroom!

pollymay, May 8, 8:52am
Teach em drifting. All the cool kids are doing it

tk011, Jan 27, 4:11pm
Haha, yeah, some of then did! Not hard as the pedal cars only weighed a few kilo!