Kids on long board /skate boards on road

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kevlight, Apr 24, 6:31pm
seem to be getting a rash of these on our local streets,
cutting in and out of traffic,
on wrong side of road , completely lack of traffic awareness,
. inconsiderate twats (yeah they are young) but they will still be just as squashed or dead ) i f i hit them with my trailer.

. whats the Law say on skate boards on the road ?,am i allowed to run them over accidentally on purpose?

. its not the boards or kids on the road 'per say 'that i object too, its the finger in your face ,and the moonin, of naked bums as they whizz down the middle of the road craeating mayham.

. they are school boy age ,going to rugby practice ;and coming home just on dark ,naturally no lights or reflectors.
,,,do i let it slide,,,? let some poor bastard run them down or seriously injury them?
. what would you do? they are dangerous, when i attempted to reason with them i got the attitude,in your face intimidation, the finger and the moon !

I have seen the same two boys who seem to be the worst of the lot, three times now completely cutting up traffic ,and this is on SH1 bypass ,
Craggie Ave main road by the park,up to the Poly tech lights /intersection,
. i was heading north in the right hand lane approaching the turning right lane to turn in to North St
. ,when they cut across the south bound lane ,jumped the concrete divider, and ended up scooting along side me as i was about to turn right, i never saw them untill my partner yelled out "you will hit them!" my contractors trailer loaded with sheet roofing just missed them one of them ,. the other boy used the scaffold uprights to swing around and duck through the traffic on the lanes to my left
. barstards gave my heart a jump to say the least ! missus was still fuming, 1/2 hour later ,when when were having our tea.

. i don't really care about the boys if they hurt themselves, i wont lose any sleep,
. but the pensioner they were intimidating, the poor ,bastard in front of me who braked to avoid them,he was furious as his passenger was thrown against the seat belt ,
,,, i had to brake to avoid the car in front , and the guy behind my ute nearly rammed into my brand new trailer .
what can i do about this ,,please help !

saxman99, Apr 24, 8:33pm
Darwinism in action, it'll take care of itself.

tintop, Apr 24, 8:47pm
Top marks for evolution!

trogedon, Apr 24, 9:12pm
"'per say '" - per se. Phone the cops when you see them. Take photos.

sr2, Apr 24, 9:16pm
I know it's dangerous and very inconsiderate to other road users but long boarding looks Sooo. much fun! :)

robotnik, Apr 24, 9:52pm
I see those riders in Oamaru also. Is it a South Island thing? Don't recall seeing longboard riders in Wellington or Auckland.

Or maybe it is due to the higher volume of traiffic in those cities; eg. on a main arterial road like Craigie Ave, SH1, if you rode along there without lights in the North Island you would soon get bowled by a car.

zak410, Apr 24, 10:33pm
Drift-trike ride down Baldwin St, the world's steepest street

1mn video:

mechnificent, Apr 25, 12:51am
There were youtubes of guys skateboarding down S.H 1 from the top of the Bombay hills going south. They were overtaking trucks and slow cars. It looked like a bit of fun and not too dangerous if you were competent.

_peas, Apr 25, 2:40am
Colonial road in Birkenhead in Auckland. One died not long back failing to take a corner. Get the police involved if you are that concerned.

matarautrader, Apr 25, 3:57am
Had the pleasure of meeting one south of Kaikoura on a windy country road about a month ago.
The kid on it ( about 18yrs) came round a sharp corner, saw me and bailed. He ended in the ditch, the board shot across the road and under my rear wheel. Sadly the board failed to survive the encounter. Yes! Rental 1, board 0.

stevo2, Apr 25, 5:12am
Longboarding down the Kaimais, main State Highway.

noswalg, Apr 25, 7:28am
I do a bit of Freebording but generally do it in areas like newer subdivisions still under construction, not really interested in doing it in high traffic areas as I like to use the whole road. They are classified as "wheeled recreational devices" and are allowed on the road but the requirement is to keep as far left as possible.

mechnificent, Apr 25, 7:49am
Sounds fair to me.

zak410, Apr 25, 8:07am
This looks like a good ride!
3mn45 video

mechnificent, Apr 25, 8:48am

noswalg, Apr 25, 9:14am
Europe has some crazy roads

kevymtnz, Apr 25, 9:24am
as far as im aware you can use a skateboard on the road as long as you are over 14 and wear a helmet

noswalg, Apr 25, 9:33am
No age limit and no requirement to wear any protective gear

mechnificent, Apr 25, 9:45am

nzdoug, Apr 25, 11:26pm
"A young man, aint got nothin in the world these days"
its good to go, where no man has ever trod.
Thats what teenagers are for.
Just do it !

sr2, Apr 25, 11:35pm
+1; well said.

mechnificent, Apr 26, 6:02am
I agree. well said and true. Ya gotta have fun.

kevlight, Apr 26, 7:13pm
YAh been to the police ,Quote 'yeah they are known to us 'quote,
then a shrugg of shoulders and an indication ,your wasting our time !

. pity ,the police will be the ones, dealing with a road rage incident ,next time i come across the little shits .

. i don't object to them riding the skate boards on the road ,but i do object to them having a total disregard for their own safety. and the safety of those who pay rego wof and Acc
. cutting up traffic ,making driver brake and swerve its just madness !
as soon as i run the bastards over the better !

. i will not be braking or swerving ,endangering fellow motorists for these want to be Kamikazes.

. there thats the RANT of the week done and dusted.

as they say at your local rip o gas station "Enjoy the rest of your day"

supernova2, Apr 26, 9:10pm
Got to agree. Run the stupid twats over. Bit OT but we have a local problem of twats just walking across the road whilst eyeballing the driver and daring the motorist to stop. I just keep going. The look of fear is a joy to behold as they jump out of the way. Left foot touching the brake to bring the stop lights on. The joys of ABS systems. No skid marks so the plod cant say I didn't try to stop!

Never hit anyone yet but did have one disgruntled twat throw a brick at the car. Bricks make a huge dent in the A pillar. Had to wonder why a teen would be carrying a brick in his pocket in the middle of town.

kevlight, May 9, 6:10pm
follow up just being young and silly isnt a shootable offence but harassing shop keepers ,dairy customers and being disrepectfull dicks should be, i have a super soaker water cannon
to keep cats off my garden, what can i load in it ,to give these kids a message ? soapy water in it at moment ?
. tried to talk to them and just get attitude and rude gestures,
so i think some action is needed.