Recommendations for kids motorcycle clothing .

desmodave, Aug 17, 5:04am
Road bike gear for a 10 year old required . My 10 year old son has seen the light and is enjoying coming for a ride so i want to get some better gear for him . Can any1 recommend a online shop .

kazbanz, Aug 17, 5:35am
Dave-womens gear is the answer--for the boots and trou anyways.

desmodave, Aug 17, 5:58am
I wont tell him that but will keep my eye out . My boy has tried to use some excuse that he only ever been on the back of a Ducati and had issues getting on a Aprilia . Bloody kids these days are hard to please .

bwg11, Aug 17, 6:15am
Just bought MX goggles for my 8 year old grandson from Torpepo7. They have a good range, good pricing and prompt service. Think they may be mainly off-road, never checked their road gear.

desmodave, Aug 17, 6:25am
All pretty much mx gear from China on there . Often a sale on all that they cant move for a top price . They do try hard with all their emails of massive $ off though, but not often in my size or choice of some odd ball colours .

tamarillo, Aug 17, 10:56am
Boys gear is available but bugger all in NZ. I found a child's road helmet new online years ago but sorry can't recall where. But I ended up getting jacket on eBay as nothing came up here. The UK market is well served with kids stuff.
Bike bandit com has youth road gear and I've bought a bit of stuff from them lately with great service.,
Hate seeing kids on bikes without right, good fitting gear. Good on you.

sr2, Aug 17, 11:00am
Great to see mate, get that boy on a dirt bike as well, asap! Kid's who grow up on 2 wheels learn risk management skills that keep themselves and their friends alive!
I've got a 19 year old that now kicks my arse on his KX250 in the dirt, (it's bloody embarrassing!) and even pulls back flips on his BMX bike. As mad as he may appear to be he's probably the safest driver amongst his peers; teaching a kid how to manage risk is a lifetime gift.

desmodave, Aug 17, 7:07pm
I had an ideal bike for the kids to learn on last year ( Honda ct 110 ) but kids weren't interested at all so i sold that plus my klx 650r and bought myself another sports bike . They don't mind sitting their arse on the quad bike though as that is easy . I live in the perfect environment , large property paddocks all around us and next to a river bed . I did manage to get another spare parts ct 110 up and running on Saturday so hopefully they will give it a go . I would prefer they learnt on 2 wheels before learning to drive that's for sure.

kazbanz, Aug 17, 8:35pm
hey dave-sitting in my garage are a couple of kids trailees. they are bette3r being used

tamarillo, Aug 17, 9:58pm
Yep, love him to bits but can't get 12 yr old into bikes at all.

mals69, Aug 17, 10:12pm
Fox !

mals69, Aug 17, 10:18pm
Hard to be inspired when your old man rides a triumph tiger

kazbanz, Aug 17, 10:39pm
Have you considered trying one of those offroad go kart things or a small quad. Once he gets a taste ya never know. If you are up in the norf island you could try him at the offroad adventures place in Rotovegas.
They have a couple of little 80cc quads and a trial track for him to play on.

tamarillo, Aug 18, 2:20am
Yep I certainly looked at it. His mate had a pw50 and land to ride on so got him on that. He enjoyed it, a bit. not enough though.
Hey, it would have been cool but it's just not his cuppa tea.

klrider, Aug 18, 2:42am
My 11 year old just got some gear (well I got the gear) from 'Kidbikers' in Aussie, proper kids sizes and good gear, nice touring jacket with the armour in all the right places, comfy, was about $140 plus posatge.

desmodave, Aug 18, 5:28am
Thanks for that i will have a look . Guess who asked to go for another ride when they got home from school . Was hardly going to say no now he is interested, so it was a little trip from Karamea down to lake Hanlon and home again . The 1st words said when he got off was that was awsum .

klrider, Aug 19, 7:39pm
Bugger, wish I had seen that first!

desmodave, Sep 21, 6:10pm
Nah it was meant to be Kl. Has armor and plenty of adjustment size wise so will do the job nicely . Require better boots and pants still though .