Looking at buying a 2000 nissan cedric 250lv

joota, Jan 20, 7:45am
I am looking at nissan cedrics. What do you guys think of it! worth the money, any common or major problems with the car etc.
thank you

joota, Jan 20, 7:59am
theres actually not many around. its not a car you see everyday, which i love. i tested one out today and the thing was amazing. the ride was smooth and comfortable. the only thing i saw that was a negative was the dash/speedo lights were not illuminated correctly. how do i fix that!

vtecintegra, Jan 12, 6:17pm
They're a much much bigger car than a V35 Skyline and on an older and softer chassis.They'd be awesome for cruising in, but the 2.5 might be kind of strained pushing that weight, especially when you start adding passengers.

The 2.5 V6 is a direct injection engine, same as in the Skyline and Stagea - do a search it has been discussed recently

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