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get0ut, Jan 19, 12:44am
while waiting at lights e.t.c - is this a good thing to do!I remember being told ages ago it saves the belt-thingee from stretching, but someone suggested it might do more harm than good!TIA.

pandai, Jan 19, 12:46am
Leave it in drive

get0ut, Jan 19, 12:53am
Okay - thanks.

brodie64, Jan 19, 1:19am
I still dont know why people think there are "bands" in an auto trans. Put it in nutral if you want. It shouldnt make any difference. If anything its less stress on the trans and will use less gas with no load on the engine.

imn, Jan 19, 1:47am
i always put mine in neutral at the lights. saves the 'pull' you get while in drive. also saves the brakes if not on a slant.

bigjerry, Jan 19, 2:29am
its quite feasable that putting it in neutral will save gas, by taking the load off the engine, it may also lower wear and tear by again, taking the load off, but we are talking such miniscule incriments its really only in theory. I used to put my SS Commy in neutral at the lights. This was not to save fuel or reduce wear and tear, it was so i could put my hand on it, rev my V8 engine and basicaly be a complete wanker, and for that i make no apologie.

elect70, Jan 19, 2:34am
women should put it in nuetral, they dont concentrate on the car in front& carmoves forward forward & shunts your rear end, had itseveral times , particulary iwhen they have kids in the car .

bigjerry, Jan 19, 2:38am
i DARE you to post this in parenting.

bmwnz, Jan 19, 2:40am
Suggest that women should be encouraged to put their mouth in neutral at the same time. should be a good thread over there.

richardmayes, Jan 19, 4:53am
Your gearbox has been built to withstand the full force of your engine doing maximum revs with your foot hard to the floor. So whether or not you put it in neutral while you sit idling at the lights won't make any real difference to the longevity of the gearbox.

It's a good habit with anything you drive, to select neutral and put the handbrake on whenever you stop for more than a few seconds.

(A) because the road code says you have to do this, and

(B) because it is just a good smart cockpit drill. Get into the habit of always doing this, and you'll never accidentally roll forward into a carpark bollard because you forgot you were still in "D".

vtecintegra, Jan 19, 5:10am

richardmayes, Jan 19, 5:16am
I'm sure it does! It used to.


rob_man, Jan 19, 5:18am
Sounds like a good way to wear out your handbrake lever and shifter.

richardmayes, Jan 19, 5:20am
My dad's automatic Triumph 2000 has been to the moon and back, and the auto is still going strong!

pandai, Jan 19, 5:20am
I am of the mindset that a driver should always be paying attention, and ready to go, even when stopped at the lights.You never know when you need to get out of the way, be it traffic coming at you, or a man with a weapon, or an emergency vehicle that needs to move through.

richardmayes, Jan 19, 5:22am
How long does it take to get into gear, and knock the handbrake off! A second!

I'm usually quicker away from the green light than people in the next lane who are obviously creeping on the foot brake.

pandai, Jan 19, 5:25am
Some autos will take a few seconds to get into gear, my Honda is a bit slow

socram, Jan 19, 6:07am
Our Freelander is very quick off the mark but I usually put it in neutral at the lights. It goes into drive BEFORE the lights change biker.When I was taught to drive, manual gearbox, the instructor insisted on car put into first gear, clutch down and handbrake on, because that was what the driving examiners wanted.As soon as I passed my test, no way would I sit with car in gear and foot on the clutch.

m16d, Jan 19, 6:43am
I do,especially at the Kopu bridge where the wait can be 2 mins or 20 mins. Handbrake on and sometimes turn engine off.
Truely amazed at how some people can sit there in "D" with their foot on the brake for 20 minutes or longer.

pandai, Jan 19, 6:45am
Me too, should have added that I was talking about city intersections.

stevo2, Jan 19, 6:46am
Why not. Half of them already have their brain in neutral

antz91, Jan 19, 6:52am

lyonruge, Jan 19, 7:10am
No. or Yes, you decide.

iginoi, Jan 19, 7:47am
It WILL save brake wear - to some degree - with the ratchet in neutral, depending on engine torque etc. Plus it does take stress off other driveline components, however low output - or high stall for that matter - doesn't reeaally necessitate throwing it into neutral.

Try this:
1) while waiting at a red light, put it in NEUTRAL with your LEFT foot hard on the brake
2) when the lights crossing your frontage turn orange, put it into DRIVE and start loading the engine i.e. applying slight pressure on the throttle
3) when your light goes green, smash your right foot down and lift your left off the brake

Bloody funny in the wife's Honda City auto getting the jump on the odd SS, FPVs and Rumble Bee trucks - well for the first 5 feet anyway - but hey by then they've lost, the race is over :) It's called a holeshot, try it sometime!

carkitter, Jan 19, 8:15am
He should leave it there next time!

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