Gps on nissan liberty

epmills, Jan 22, 3:44am
Is there such a thing as a english version cd that can be put into a Nissan liberty 2000 to activate the GPS system >
Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated


pandai, Jan 22, 3:51am
Nope, can't be done.

However depending on how the unit fits into the dash, you might be able to replace it with a stereo or dash pocket.

bjdw, Jan 22, 4:10am
My dad recently bought a Bluebird that has a built in nav system that folds up out of the top of the dash.We had a bit of a hunt around on the net to see if they could be converted to English and have New Zealand maps put on to it.There was one company in Christchurch that can hack into them and put new software into them (or something like that).However I think that the cost would be prohibitive.It would be cheaper, easier and probably be a better end result to just buy a Navman or something similar.

epmills, Jan 17, 10:59pm
Thanks guys !

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