Electric window problem Grrrr

zak1998, Jan 24, 4:51am
I have a Honda Odyssey that had been trouble free. The other day I put the electric window down on the drivers side and then put it back up but now it just won't work again. The fuse blew so replaced it and it happened again. It replaced the fuse again but the window just won't work. Any ideas, please !!!!!

andrea_w, Jan 24, 5:07am
A fuse blows because there is a problem in the circuit. Replacing a blown fuse won't fix the reason it blew in the first place.
You have a short somewhere, you need to find it and fix it.
There may be a known common fault someone will shed light on . !
If you want to fix it yourself,you will need a multimeter, some basic tools and some common sense!

zak1998, Jan 24, 7:48am
Ok will look there first

escortmadman, Jan 24, 7:50am
could be a faulty power window amp (if it has one). they are located behind the door card.

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