Turbo cars

stinkydog1, Dec 7, 1:40am
lookn at getn a new ride seen a couple turbed cars but ive heard that they break alot! or are expensive to fix i dont really need the power so is it a wise idea to buy a car with a turbo!

a.woodrow, Dec 7, 1:48am
What are you looking at getting!

ninja_man, Dec 7, 3:15am
if you dont want power then no point getting a turbo.

whqqsh, Dec 7, 3:29am
hehe, 'If you want Prestige! THIS IS YOU'
Does the prestige bit come from the blue tint fake checkerplate mats!

foxdonut, Dec 7, 4:13am
Nothing says "prestige" like a 17 year old used Nissan GTS-T.

gj0502, Dec 7, 5:13am
Have a feeling it is a plus t, but could be wrong,

mark.52, Dec 7, 6:13am
At that sort of age, all sorts of things on the car will be up for fixing soon. Turbo repairs certainly add to the repair bill, as in it's another thing to be fixed that isn't present on normally aspirated engines.

Honestly, if you don't need the power, why are you even looking at this sort of boganmobile!

bjdw, Dec 7, 6:22am
Prediction of an ignorant mo fo:

This car will sell for about 5.5k

sw20, Dec 7, 9:07am
Once you've got boost, you never go back.

horsepower7, Dec 7, 9:15am
i just brought an r34 gtt and i love it! but yea im waiting for something to break lol. lucky i have skyline mechanics! haha. go for it, just be prepared lol

falcon15, Dec 7, 9:21am
I thinks its a genuine turbo engine it has turbo rocker covers on it and its a turbo shell

snowballs4, Dec 7, 9:49am
*got to many rbs, they are fun but very costly, few simple ways to tell with 25dets, 1 rocket covers, two injectors " purple" 3 oil feed line "should not be ted off near oil filter" 4 usually they are tight in coin hence +t so they usually use a 20det turbo witch says 16v ,but this isn't a + t unless excessive work has been done, mind you for top end performance some +ts go harder than the dets

snowballs4, Dec 7, 9:51am
7 minim for a skyline of that condition i would not pay any less, there are alot of dogey rbs on trademe

horsepower7, Dec 7, 9:59am
yup there sure are! thats why i got a clean 34, wanted a 32 but all dodgy haha. but hey it comes down to luck!

gj0502, Dec 7, 10:14am
When car jamming the car it says GTS25, then when I car jam another r33 25det it says GTS25T

n1smo_gtir, Dec 7, 2:26pm
i had a 96' 2nd gen R33 GTS25T M Spec, always well maintained and never failed me. always done my maintenance to the schedule. If it been treated well it will go well. of course it chewed gas like a mofo so sadly had to part with it. it was fun and i would have bought another well treated one back for the enjoyment. how's the R34 going Horsepower!

taintedkitten, Dec 7, 7:15pm
It depends on how you drive and maintain it, and how it was driven and maintained before you as to how long shelf life would be. In which case, how expensive to fix can only be asked when you know the type of car you're dealing with and what's wrong with it! And if you don't know someone who's a "handy mechanic" and paying shop fees, then it'll be even more pricey.

Maybe ask a few questions at www.nzboosted.com

What I don't understand though is you saying you don't need the power. What's the attraction in getting a turbo then!

strobo, Dec 7, 7:30pm
Have to agree there!Bolt ons & "Caveat emptor to that ! "

thegravelracer, Dec 7, 10:12pm
Really Bad anything DET ,

solster, Dec 7, 11:15pm
This isn't school and texts on the phone!, please use proper sentences, as its just awful to read your question.

ams26, Dec 7, 11:33pm
Noone else seems to have any problems with his spelling. It's not like it's unreadable. To be honest, I think someone needs to get off his high horse.

stinkydog1, Dec 8, 3:10am
+1 you can read my question fine dont have a fit

stinkydog1, May 15, 2:14pm
because im finding alot of turbos with lower ks and in better nick than normaly aspirated cars in my price range!