Nissan td271993

32oscar, Dec 9, 7:15am
can anyone tell me if the engines have hydraulic lifters, there are manual adjusters on the tappets, but one is still rattling like it has not been adjusted properly (i have done them twice) stops rattling once it is warm

zephyrheaven, Dec 9, 7:17am
Answered your own question there, I would be looking for worn rocker shaft (fairly common at that age)

32oscar, Dec 9, 7:23am
thanks zeph,didn't think it would have both, however thisis the first manually adjusted tappet set up i have owned for 20 years (and first ever diesel) and just wanted to make sure,

zephyrheaven, Dec 9, 7:28am
Check the rocker on that part of the shaft, back in the olden days we used to flip the shaft over in Zephyrs etc but I dont think thats possible on a TD, either that orvalve seat recession / burnt valve / et al

blue35, May 19, 6:19pm
Also check the rocker arm face that pushes the valve down, have repaired many that have worn where the valve stem contacts, you end up with the valve stem recessing into the rocker.