Stolen Car. Hey new plymouth someone stole my 1994 toyota corolla red 5 door hb from outside bbk warehouselate last night have u

kampout, Feb 7, 3:19am
Hey New Plymouth someone stole my 1994 toyota corolla RED 5 door H/b from outside BBK Warehouselate last night have u seen it. SH 8087. it is my pride and joy.

midosa, Feb 7, 3:23am
sorry to hear mate. hope you get it back in one piece.

mcscottwgtn, Feb 7, 3:25am
Go for a cruise with a mate and you might find it. Could have been taken as transport home or for a joyride. Maybe try the areas of town where the most flats are located, and all the hoon and dump spots.
Good luck.

kampout, Feb 7, 4:36am
Thanks for your thoughts. the police have just rang with the arrest of three and the car is now in Papakura minus stereo. thanks to the Lady who was vigilant enough when they asked for directions to note the number plate and rang the police. so happy now.

morrisman1, Feb 7, 4:38am
excellent! Hope the clutch is still OK. I wonder what prompted the lady to take note of the reg and ring cops

moosie_21, Feb 7, 4:51am
Finally, a happy ending! Make sure you show up in court to see who they are and can determine the size of bat/gun/flamethrower needed to exact proper revenge.

mcscottwgtn, Feb 7, 5:20am
So nice to have a happy ending.

townie55, Feb 7, 5:25am
Let's hope police brutality is alive and well in Sth Auckland.Good news getting your car back with limited damage.

bendean, Feb 7, 8:34am
on ya bro i havnt been so lucky but good to see they dont all disapear

moosie_21, Jun 20, 4:08am
Wow, I thought there was a lot of stolen cars this weekend, then noticed you're trawling through old listings and blatantly self-promoting. Hope the mods will kick you off as easily as they have kicked others off before!

big.b-lil.c, Jun 20, 4:09am
well spotted

cjohnw, Jun 20, 4:31am
Gearlocks do not work they are a waste of money!

zoltec45, Jun 20, 5:26am
I used to think these were ok- but after the blatant self promotion i refuse to buy one and will recommend to others to stay away

johnf_456, Jun 20, 5:27am
I would refuse to support anyone that resorts to message board spamming / advertising his own business like this.

tylin, Jun 20, 6:55am
John , you arethe one who told me to post my comment on all car theft threads . Thanks for the stab in the back mate .

attitudedesignz, Jun 20, 6:56am
LMMFAO classic.

doriandarby, Jun 20, 7:04am
Ha!is this true, Johnf_456!

rotormotor7, Jun 20, 8:09am
ooohhhh.he's a johnny rotten then.

johnf_456, Jun 20, 8:11am
I did not, I told you what you were doing is self promotion and a no no. You posted the spam in 21 threads not me, when you would of known its blatant spamming and advertising with the same message 21 times.

sr2, Jun 20, 8:12am
Johnno strikes again, how on earth does he manage to p*** so many people off!

johnf_456, Jul 6, 2:56pm
By not ignoring it and sitting it in the corner.
Edit johnf_456 also not another name invent.