Toyota Corolla 1989 SE Limited - drivers door?

littlerae1, Apr 7, 8:48pm
Rust is starting to show through the bottom of the drivers door and I was told at the last W.O.F. check that it won't pass the next check.I was also told that buying a door can work out cheaper than going to the Panel Beaters.

I am new to all this "car parts" stuff and would like to know how to go about getting a door!Are they easy to change over or would it be better to get a professional to do it!


Year: 1989
Submodel: SE LIMITED
Main colour: White
Vehicle type: Passenger Car/Van
Body style: Saloon
No of seats: 5
CC rating: 1,498cc
Fuel type: Petrol
Assembly type: Imported Built-Up
Country of origin: Japan
Axle type: 2-Axle
No of axles: 2

VIN: 7A8H6070796091185
Plate type: Standard
Engine no: UNKNOWN
Chassis: AE91-3091185

murdoko, Apr 7, 8:52pm
they're really easy to change over but you have to find a door with the right colour first. I guess it can be tricky if you aren't really mechanically-minded but if you are, then do it. Also, it depends if you get a whole complete door including all the bits already installed or just a bare door where you have to swap over all the mechanical parts. That's when it can be a bit tricky. One thing's for sure, he's right about the advise to just replace the door instead of going to the panel beaters.

littlerae1, Apr 7, 8:58pm
Doors have mechanical parts!I might have to get a professional then.Do I go to a wreckers and they find a door and change it for me!

kcf, Apr 7, 9:04pm
Is the car a four door sedan, or a five door liftback!

The reason I ask, is that the five door liftback (not five door hatchback) is a different shape and will *not* fit a four door sedan or five door hatch.

littlerae1, Apr 7, 9:33pm
4-door sedan.

Is the chassis AE91 also the body shape!So if I search for AE91, will I find the correct door model for my car!

r15, Apr 7, 9:52pm
pretty much any corolla sedan from 1987-1991 that appears to you to be the same shape is going to fit.

variances to keep in mind-some may have electric mirrors, others wont, some may have electric windows, others wont etc

your interior trim will be re-used,

if your car has manual windows and no central locking, then its a REALLY easy swap over as there is no wires to unplug as this model has the front speakers in the dash rather than the doors

kcf, Apr 7, 9:58pm
No, unfortunately you won't.

As per my earlier comment, you will need to avoid doors sourced from a five door liftback as they differ.They can also start with the AE91 chassis prefix.

Specifically request, or look for a door from a four door sedan, or a five door *hatch*back, and you should be fine.Try to find one that has the same type of window winder (eg: manual or electric), and the same type of mirror (again, manual, or electric).

Persistance should pay off, as while Corolla's do rust in the doors very often, they are also as common as muck :)

Any mechanic should be able to do the door swap for you for maybe two hours labour (maybe less, shouldn't be more though) if you are not confident to do it yourself.

kcf, Apr 7, 10:27pm
LIsting # 367188671 (copy and paste into the search bar yellow background towards the top of this page) is an example of a five door liftback.This shape of car has doors different to your sedan.

littlerae1, Apr 7, 11:15pm
Awesome!Thanks for the info, everyone.I'll look out for a door and get the mechanic to change it since he does the W.O.F.

for_an_angel, Apr 8, 12:26am
Have you priced the repair!
Last door I had rust removed and repaired cost me $80 and it needed 3 plates welded in then a skim of bog and primered but I never had it painted as I sold the car soon after.

phillip.weston, Oct 9, 5:18pm
yeah for the hassle of swapping over doors, I would just get the rust in the door repaired in place. Shop around for reasonable quotes, some places may be under $100 if they just leave it with primer over top, or some places as high as $500+ if the door is completely re-sprayed and other panels around it blended in.