First boyracer car to be crushed

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callum.irvine, Dec 12, 1:35am

ninja_man, Dec 12, 1:37am
this is what they should do to drunk driver's cars!

rsr72, Dec 12, 1:41am
'First' one! And the law has been in place since 2008!
What took 'em so long!

callum.irvine, Dec 12, 1:41am
Agreed, after your 3rd strike. I think though that the idea behind the boyracer crushing is that they often spend thousands of dollars and hours on their cars. Maybe the stereotypical repeat drunk driver doesn't care if his/her $500 clunker gets the squash. Prolly spend all their money on booze, not wheels.

ninja_man, Dec 12, 1:44am
drunk drivers do way more damage than boy racers. pisses me off. sorry for the rant

callum.irvine, Dec 12, 1:45am
Maybe the law actually worked, and the fear of getting your car crushed stopped repeat boyracer crimes! Unlikely, but possible I guess.

sifty, Dec 12, 1:48am
waiting for some little scrote to be stupid (and get pinged) 3 times, obviously.

loose.unit8, Dec 12, 1:51am
More likely it is as per treasury's analysis of the car crushing law before it was introduced - "actually apprehending a driver or drivers in the act of illegal street racing is a rare and random event."The report basically said the law would be ineffectual

vtecintegra, Dec 12, 1:52am
Come on this was a KE70 Corolla. $500 is probably generous

callum.irvine, Dec 12, 1:55am
Look at the current 82 corollas on here. Some are asking $13,000

richardmayes, Dec 12, 1:57am
I see his name was Cleetus or something!

sifty, Dec 12, 2:00am
cor, my old mum used to have a beige one to get her groceries in. how on earth did these become desirable.!

scotthurst01, Dec 12, 2:11am
About the time they started to put rotary engines in them.

vtecintegra, Dec 12, 2:14am
Yeah asking is the key word here.

kazbanz, Dec 12, 2:14am
he may be the first --but how many others have notched up 2 strikes in the last couple of years!

kazbanz, Dec 12, 2:16am
I gotta say I don't get the whole crushing bit. Why not just derego the car. Chop through the roof and chasis railso it cant go back on the road and offer it up for sale by tender.

vtecintegra, Dec 12, 2:19am
A bit of bog and it'll be back on the road in no time.

Not even joking, there are tonnes of unregistered, unwarrantable cars around these days

ringo2, Dec 12, 2:20am
"When will they ever learn,When will they ever learn" Had a young guy that worked for me who was a "boy racer" type with a Skyline. Talked into taking it to a track open day. He was told to do a few laps and get the feel of the circuit. Did he take any notice. No he knew all about it and wrote it off on the third corner.

pollymay, Dec 12, 2:24am
I don't see the point in crushing them. The car didn't do it, to be honest I wouldn't stop and would leg it if they wanted to crush my car. If the car is gone and they no longer have it what's the issue, why the need to crush! There was plenty of sustained loss of traction going on during the V8s by GTHOs and brand new SS commodores, crush them for me will ya! We had 5 cop cars at our place when we lit up in manukau road pukekohe during the V8s and they were pretty much hovering looking for a way to press their authority.

And to be honest I don't care if some kids are doing skids about town being show offs. The damage is done when they are drunk or doing stupid speeds in the main streets. The arguments I hear against skids like tearing up the road make little sense, our roads are crap cause they are dug up every 5 minutes by departments that don't talk to each other, not cause a spotty teen does a skid once a month.

There is a spot out waiua pa/clarks beach they do skids at and vandalize the place, if it wasn't for the noise of the skid you wouldn't hear them and go down to tell them to piss off before they start smashing the toilets etc. Fond memories of blocking in their buzzbombs with a hiliux that had railway irons on the front.

ninja_man, Dec 12, 2:43am
cars should be sold off insted of crushed, then the proceeds given to charities or invested somewhere useful.

racetoy, Dec 12, 2:47am
I saysave the country a whole lot of money in unpaid finesand just CRUSH HIM IN THE CAR . 3 strikes you are dead

sifty, Dec 12, 2:53am
but it's still a very average old dunger, isn't it.

johnf_456, Dec 12, 2:53am
Think again do some research you would be surprised.

johnf_456, Dec 12, 2:57am
Some interesting points I totally agree about crushing the car its a waste the car should be sold and the money given to charity or something like what has been said. But crushing a car is just a pure waste. Doing skids is not okay and showing off, thats just the start. Don't get me wrong I am not against burning rubber but there is a time and place for it and the roads are not the place for it. At my brother in laws place he has had 4 "boyracers" have accidents from doing dumb stuff on public roads ending up through his fence or hitting his car on the side of the road.

phillip.weston, Dec 12, 3:02am
I'm sure people said the same about 60s and 70s Holdens & Fords when they were 20-30 years old. and now look at their values.