No motor, but check those wheels!

zak410, Dec 29, 4:59am
Hard to think of a better/different bike than what we already have, but.
some people do !

edangus, Dec 29, 5:17am
Whoah, that is well cool

wrong2, Dec 29, 5:34am
remind me when its not just CGI

bitsy_boffin, Dec 29, 5:44am
Mmmm, gear ratios anybody!

Looks like you'd need about 3 revolutions at the pedals to get 1 revolution at the wheel.And not adjustable.

trogedon, Dec 29, 6:01am
That would be fun to take on the train.for the looks alone.

intrade, Dec 29, 6:07am
i dont think you be getting fahr with that i cant see how the wheel could turn for long if it does at all.

zak410, Dec 29, 6:15am
.and what about the axles less wheels !

hyphen, Dec 29, 6:26am
I doubt if gyroscopic angular moment has been taken into consideration, wheels would be difficult to manage from the periphery, would need a cumbersome rim railing type of mechanism to eliminate all side play, but permit free rotation. Hell yeah, good art project though

timmo1, Dec 30, 7:05pm
Hmm putting all the riders weight onto one small spot on the rim! I think that would cause it to collapse/buckle!

illusion_, Dec 30, 9:06pm
note the two words . "design concept"

looks nice in a picture but it just aint gonna happen

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