Scooter loss of power

ironwoman2007, Feb 16, 6:01am
i took it for a long run with a bit of dirt road, and oil was low. now there is no power, jerking and backfiring. what do i check first! thanks.

tmenz, Feb 16, 7:23am
Is it 2 stroke!

kcf, Feb 16, 7:10pm
it isn't something simple like you have clogged the air filter with dust is it!

fordluva, Feb 16, 7:48pm
my thoughts also clean the air filter, and as Kaz said top up the oil and throw some in the fuel tank also before you fire it again, if it is an oil issue you dont want to risk any more damage

petermcg, Feb 16, 7:51pm
Might be just dust orneed a carb clean

ezekiel67, Feb 16, 9:17pm
My old Scooter's exhaust used to block up and needed cleaning once every 12 months. Easy fix is to remove it and toss it on a hot fire to burn out the soot.

Symptoms were similar to yours.

Carb could also do with a clean and check the spark plug.

intrade, Feb 16, 9:20pm
oil was low does it cut out when its out of oil! provided we talk 2 stroke!
and if not was it low or out of oil!

ironwoman2007, Feb 17, 12:06am
its four stroke, just washed the filters, there is petrol in there, and water. Any idea how to clean a wet oily paper filter!

ironwoman2007, Apr 28, 3:11pm
Bad explanation, sorry. I washed the black sheets of plastic filter mesh. The paper filter I dried and cleaned with the vacuum cleaner (sucking from the front). There was water in there, and the back not closed properly. Dried everything and closed it up good. very short run, works fine now (I hope). Thanks everyone for your help.