Help!. Automatic car not turning overmaking a clicking sound and i can39t compress the brake which from memory i should be able

sharee9, Jan 6, 2:07am
Automatic car not turning over.making a clicking sound and I can't compress the brake (which from memory I should be able to do!)
Any suggestions!
Car is in 'park'.
Toyota Gaia 2001

twink19, Jan 6, 2:14am
starter motor,battery

sharee9, Jan 6, 2:22am
any other guesses!
I used the car this morning.if that helps

sharee9, Jan 6, 2:24am
Oh and interior lights work, if it's the battery they wouldn't aye!

mrfxit, Jan 6, 2:24am
#2 or battery connections-cables loose/corroded /fractured

sharee9, Jan 6, 2:26am
*runs to check connections*

mrfxit, Jan 6, 2:27am
Starting a motor & running lights are 2 very different voltage/amps requirements.

Battery on my truck would turn the engine over but couldn't get the engine to fire = battery stuffed for diesel usage.
Same battery in a v6 Mitsi starts it first time everytime

sharee9, Jan 6, 2:34am
It's not going to fix itself is it.

So a jump might help!

sharee9, Jan 6, 2:35am
Oooh oooh
*remembers Roadside Rescue*

kazbanz, Jan 6, 2:49am
jumper battery and see if it starts

kazbanz, Jan 6, 2:50am
sharee-if you have access to another car I have a jumper pack you could borrow.

sharee9, Jan 6, 2:52am
I do have jumper leads but no other car.
I'm just having lunch then will ring roadside rescue, guess I've paid for it might as well use it.
But thanks very much for the offer kazbanz!

sharee9, Jan 6, 5:28am
It was the battery.(can't even blame the kids for that one - lol)
Thanks peeps.

3962, Jan 6, 6:10am
That really depends on how old they are. Old enough to want to listen to the stereo, its their fault. too young to understand the music of today, their fault because they don't sit straight in car lol. My kids I used to wonder why sometimes the electric windows wouldn't work. I'd have them clapping/whistling, saying window up/window down, very amusing back then. Now I get told "well, you weren't meant to be having fun at our expense. those were the days.

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