Timaru to DnDn thurs after noon ute cargo space

kevlight, Jun 11, 2:49pm
Need to take the ute down to Dunedin today 2pm any body need stuff taken south we are going to DN on thurs 3rd march 2pm. then to invercargillon Sat 5thmarch,have space for stuff (,no passengers)
space only for cargo,one ton king cab canopy ute we only have our personal camping gear in it, 3/4 empty;
contact me through my service advert on TM use my cell as im at the Sallysin Timaru Thursmor ning regards Kev

0h any body got access to cheap accommadation in Dn we just need some RR for 4 four days,nights, 3rd4th 5th 6th march ,have to get away; also to pick up some crap ive been buying on $1 reserve, mainly as a stress relief !

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