Clutch Replacement - 1984 BMW

pentium4, Mar 7, 6:39am
Hi All,

I have a bmw e30 1984 320i 6 cylinder. Brought a second hand gearbox for it as the other one had died. Here is my current scenario, the car has 286000k's on it and i have a bigger and better engine that will be going in at 300000 k's. When doin the gearbox i removed clutch plate and saw it had bout 4mm of beef on it, assuming i was nice to the car would i get another 14000k's out of it! Also i dont have a clutch alignment tool but i have been told you dont actually need one, however how to i get my clutch to go in 100% straight! Any help would be good

20498, Mar 7, 9:14am!pid=133585#Description and yes clutch will last another 14000k's. If you were skilled enough you could use your eyecrometer by getting the clutch plate and moving it around until it is right in the middle comparing itagainst the pressure plate if ya get what i mean.

budgel, Mar 7, 8:08pm
I have done a few manual gearboxes over the years without a clutch alignment tool.

I would find a dowel or even a screwdriver handle that was a sliding fit on the inside of the splines of the clutch plate and use that as a pointer to see how it aligns with the centre of the flywheel as the pressure plate is bolted up.

I usually got it good enough that a bit of a wriggle when installing the gearbox would have it fitting nicely.

elect70, Jun 28, 6:02pm
^^^ i have used a woodbroom handle on 323 I hadjust turned it down to fit. Done it on every car that ever need a new clutch. ,bugger buying tool for each 1