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tigra, Jan 19, 10:21pm
Any recommendations on product! Wheels have a fair bit of baked on brake dust.

jezz43, Jan 19, 10:24pm
mothers mag and wheel polish, ive used it for years. works brilliantly

metallicafan21, Jan 19, 10:33pm
I prob use degreaser!

tigra, Jan 19, 10:48pm
! Sorry I dont understand.

ninja_man, Jan 19, 10:49pm
degreaser, you can buy it at supercheap or warehouse. cheap way to clean the wheels and works very well

richardmayes, Jan 19, 11:10pm
Bucket of hot water with dishwashing detergent in it.

trdbzr, Jan 20, 1:59am
Use the degreaser from supercheap, its pretty good. You will need to use a good scrubbing brush/hard tooth brush, lots of hot water and a lot of elbow grease. A water blaster would probably help to loosen some of the brake dust.

modie61, Jan 20, 2:42am
I just did 4 wheels,hard to clean type with Pacer Mag Wheel cleaner,used a tooth brush as well,look great. Its an acid though. Might have to watch what type of wheel its used on. Over.

curlcrown, Jan 20, 3:28am
If you realy want something that works well get something off a propper car cleaning chemicl supplier. I use monsta rip from Tranz Brit. Often no scrubbig is required when using a water blaster.

curlcrown, Jan 20, 3:35am
Brite, not brit. Used to be called car brite.

tigra, Nov 7, 10:39pm
I know I started this thread off months ago but just bought a product called "Professional Mag & wheel cleaner" by Autohaus and its the most useless product I have ever been conned into buying. Doesnt do anything. Guess I'll go back to the brush and soapy water method.LOL

kazbanz, Nov 8, 2:16am
Tigra--Im heading down to wellywood at new years. Remind me and Ill bring a little bottleof the propper mag wheel cleaner for ya.
Its a citric acid based product--spray water on then the product-scrub it in then leave a minute and high pressure hose it off.

socram, Nov 8, 5:45am
I just use sprayed on diluted Simple Green. May not shift the really bad stuff, but once the wheels are clean, easy peasy from then on.

tigra, Nov 8, 8:06pm
Thanks kazbanz thats nice of you.The stupid part isI can wipe 90% of thegriime off with a cloth and this useless Autohaus productcouldnt shift it

likit, Nov 8, 8:35pm

sirdoug, Nov 8, 9:04pm
Super Rip from Pacer. Mix it fairly strong and wear rubber gloves.Will dry your hands out a bit .

lookoutas, Nov 9, 7:19am
Know what you're saying if it's shiny, but the question was "clean" not "polish"
If it is a shiny surface - you are dead bloody right after the heavy crap has gone.

tool_shop173, Nov 9, 8:29am
Brightex was also another good one and was pretty strong too.

h2oldragon, Nov 9, 7:23pm
Self promotion is against Trade Me terms and conditions.Do you think you are above the rules!

supernova2, Nov 9, 7:29pm
Where is the self-promotion!Kaz is offering to give away a bit of a product.Its not somebody providing a sample of a product they sell.

n1smo_gtir, Nov 9, 8:28pm
exactly, kaz sells cars not mag cleaning products. He's only offering a sample of what he recommends and use to clean his cars out of kindness.

n1smo_gtir, Nov 9, 8:29pm
trolling and defamation is also against trademe rules.

carclan, Nov 10, 8:12am
+1 but water it down, you can buy mag wheel cleaner from them too.

saturn51, Nov 10, 8:33am
A member for ten months,no trades and you spout rules!
Have you thought about moving to the parenting message board!

tigra, Nov 11, 2:36am
Possibly conceived on there.

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