Nissan Lucion 1994 Window wipers

kimbery, Mar 13, 3:54am
Hi, Just a quick question for anyone who may be able to help. I have a nissan lucino and the intermittent setting on the window wipers does not work. It will go a up a small amount, then go down a bit, then go up to the top of the windscreen, and so forth. We have tried replacing the wiper motor but this didn't fix it. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is and how to fix it!

Thanks in advance

kimbery, Mar 13, 4:22am
yeah both slow and fast works. oh ok thanks

cypherboy, Jul 14, 4:04pm
Faulty intermittent relay, located to the left of glovebox, bolts to steel inner frame of vehicles "A" pillar. Should have a green sticker with white writing or a white sticker with green writing.

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