Brake fluid in a diff?

rachelmilli, Jan 27, 12:03am
does it acualy lock your diff or is it just a load of shit! lol

thunderbolt, Jan 27, 12:17am
Never heard of it, but I select option 2.

richardmayes, Jan 27, 12:26am
Just on the off-chance that the question is sincere, and not the wind-up it looks like.

That would probably not lock your diff.
However, it would very quickly ruin it.

purple666, Jan 27, 12:41am
Yes in time it WILL lock your diff up.
Right up

k-and-s, Jan 27, 12:47am
i know a guy that put diff oil in engine a whole bottle.destroyed it.he try to blame the oil company for putting wrong oil in bottle.what ever dude.he worked at his own garage it was his customers car.

perry111, Jan 27, 3:23am
have had a few people tell me it does when it heats up but when its cold it doesnt.

richardmayes, Jan 27, 3:44am
I think O.P. wants to achieve the kind of "locked diff" where both wheels turn together, enabling him to do da MEAN AZ pHat sKidZ y0.

Not the kind of locked diff where neither of the wheels turn around at all.

perry111, Jan 27, 4:51am
yes that kind ov locked diff, but not 4 skids 4x4ing

pfemstn, Jan 27, 4:55am
will work as well as banana skins, will to stop noise!

cuda.340, Jan 27, 5:19am
why would you want to!

falcon15, Jan 27, 5:36am
there is a kind of locking diff that uses brake fluid for 4wding. its similar to a air locking diff but runs off hydraulic pressure. howat engineering in wellington build them

owene, Jan 27, 6:12am
Pull the cover off it and weld any cogs you can see to each other. That'll lock it far more effectively than buggering about with oils.

pico42, Jan 27, 7:58am
What, all of them!

owene, Jan 27, 8:09am
Yep all of them.

jmma, Jan 27, 8:12am
What, all of them (o:

falcon15, Jan 27, 8:14am
what sort of diff / 4wd is it. is it just a offroader or road legal

pebbles61, Jan 27, 8:22am
why the hell would you want to lock up your diff!.

jmma, Jan 27, 8:33am
So no one will steal it, a lot of that going on lately (o:

pebbles61, Jan 27, 8:35am
lol or turn the car into a lovely paper weight

drew2009, Jan 28, 12:25am
lol nope brake fluid is only good for two things.
1. Brake system fluid and 2. stripping paint.

ceebee2, Jan 28, 4:43am
Brake fluid in a diff is guaranteed to "put the brakes on"

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