Bmw auto?

bentcoupe, Jun 26, 11:06am
Dosnt want to move foward or reverseunless pushed! any ideas!

ninja_man, Jun 26, 9:02pm
get rid of it and buy a japanese car

bmwnz, Jun 26, 9:54pm
Some bastard nicked your box and replaced it with a Mitsi jobbo!

vjregal770, Jun 26, 10:30pm
Does it have an engine!

quickstitch, Jun 26, 10:45pm
check trans fluid level. if it is low you can use canola or vegetable oil mixed with raspberry raro (2 sackets per litre) to get the colour right.

bentcoupe, Jun 27, 12:19am
hahana a mates looking at a bmwbut its got a crook auto, the seller saidit takes a bit to get it to move foward or reverseim not shure what sort or anything about it,I think its just fora cheap work car

elect70, Jun 27, 3:00am
yeah rightfunny, doesnt do it on my E36 .

040207, Jun 30, 2:18am
im having the exact same problem!

doug207, Aug 13, 10:49pm
I'm going to have a wild guess and assume it's a Jap import 6 cyl E36 or a 4 cyl E30.

I'd go with the canola oil and raro, make sure you mix it well, red BMWs and some blue ones do this often.