Toyota landcruiser fj70 clutch /gear probs.

tarn146, Jun 25, 1:33am
when it running, why is that the clutch doesn't feel like its engaging when i go to put it into gear, and the gear lever feels like its just rattling against the teeth.yet when i look underneath up into the flywheel, the clutch plate seems to be moving as it should, it has been sitting in my garage for a couple of years, after drowning it in a river, managed to drive it back, but then parked it up.any help appreciated.please

mugenb20b, Jun 25, 6:06am
Clutch plate rusted onto flywheel and/or pressure plate.

rob_man, Jun 25, 7:12am
If you can get it pointed in the right direction and start it in gear, then drive it around a bit with the clutch pushed in while applying throttle off and on to jerk the plate free. sometimes they will let go.

mrfxit, Jul 25, 3:48am
Agreed but also sometimes they let go in a really really messy way