1993 VX Landcruiser

joel14, Nov 6, 7:58am
We are looking at a 1993 Vx Landcruiser, but have been told to stay clear of the early 90s as they had problems. Can someone tell me if this is true and what are the problems, also from what year is the best to buy! This Landcruiser has 300.000ks on it and thats another concern as I have never bought a veichle with that higher ks before, or is that not too bad for one of these veichles! Any advice appreciated thanks. This is for a towveichle for the caravan and it is diesel.

mugenb20b, Nov 6, 8:15am
They will do another 300 000 kms no worries at all. BUT, some like to eat big end bearings, which are easily replaced anyway. At that mileage, I would be concerned about the condition of suspension, steering and driveline components. They are all very sturdy, but time consuming to remedy if faulty (leaking hub seals, noisy CVs, etc). So check for oil leaks under the car. Another potential problem (as with any diesel) is fuel pump leaks, so make sure there are no fuel leaks in the engine department. Cambelts are dead easy to replace and need to be done every 150 000 kms along with all the injector pipes. Oh, and VX Landcruisers are hugely expensive for some reason.

tazcsv, Nov 7, 1:08am
Great trucks

gadgit3, Nov 7, 4:10am
The one to give a wide birth are the early 90-91's with the mechanical auto trans. This trans had issues with harsh shifting and shreading internals. You can tell if it has this trans by looking at the shifter indicator if it reads 1,2,3,D,N,R,P then it's the one to give a miss if it reads 1,2,D,N,R,P then your good to go. Cambelts are 100000kms on the 12 valve engines. They went to 150000kms in 1998 and injector pipes are unnecessary. 80 series turbo 4.2l engine needed big end bearings at round 100000km but 100 series no issue.

sas777, Feb 6, 4:43pm
joel14 please ask yourself a question - do you really need this! Most people on Motoring are either mechanics or enthusiasts and can fix vehicles reasonably cheaply when they go wrong. If you can too then go ahead, buy a Cruiser, they are great vehicles at almost any age. Otherwise please consider a cheaper running family car with enough power and mass to safely pull your caravan. It may not have the same social status as a VX but is a more convenient way out of acute financial embarressment