Landcruiser wet carpet cured

jsc1, Apr 7, 7:01am
Found I had wet carpet on the passenger side carpet in my 80 series.Turns out tobe worn seal on sunfroof seal which drains into the sill .I googled it and found out .I took the bung out of the sill and a bucket of clear water came out unbelievable.Lucky i found out in time to cancel the windscreen guy to reseal my screen for $130.

Just thought id warn other 80 series owners

lookoutas, Apr 7, 7:15am
You're also luck the sunroof drains.

zephyrheaven, Apr 7, 7:27am
Common problem with the truck, join up lcool on the net - its run by a load of kangaroo rooters but there is some great tech on 80's on there

807, Oct 8, 3:17pm
" kangaroo rooters ".lol.makes a change from sheep shaggers, I guess!