Toyota Landcruiser

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cowboy30, May 12, 12:30am
did you know that toyota states it is acceptable for toyota vehicles to use up to 1 litre of oil per 1000kms

falcon15, May 12, 1:14am
isnt that just for the late model diesel v8 toyota engine

40wav, May 12, 1:18am
Surely that would be for something with quite a few ks on it. ie, dont get too worried if your Toyota is using oil!

rob_man, May 12, 4:08am
My BJ74 has done nearly a quarter of a million ks and doesn't use anywhere near that amount of oil.

nufix72, May 12, 4:22am
My import Corolla used to use about that amount when we lived up a hill.
Stuffed valve guide seals, they don't last forever like the rest of the engine
when serviced properly.

morrisman1, May 12, 4:28am
My 91 sentra with close to 300 thou on it doesnt use or leak a drop wheras the 2006 nissan tiida has used about 7mm on the dipstick over the last 10,000km which would translate to about a cup or two.

The P&W r4360 is meant to use around 34 litres per hour of oil!

rob_man, May 12, 4:37am
That must be a constant loss syrtem surely!

thejazzpianoma, May 12, 4:48am
My Multipla with 200'000km on the clock does not need topping up between its annual oil changes.

nufix72, May 12, 5:36am
I'd rather spend money on oil than drive a fugly mutipla.
F.I.A.T Fix It After Tea

sr2, May 12, 6:05am
Not the brightest are we!

mugenb20b, May 12, 6:09am
I could say the same for my 300 000km Escort.after I fixed all the oil leaks.

cowboy30, May 12, 6:51am
according to toyota the high oil useage includes toyotas new vx landcruiser v8 which is due out later this year.
All toyotas are covered by toyotas policy of one litre of oil useage per one thousand kms.
To verify this you can contact Aaron Wheeler at Toyota customer dialog center on 0800869682.You can contact Aaron for full info on any toyota .I know this to be correct as I own two late model Landcruisers which have oil problems

rob_man, May 12, 6:57am
So if you drive from Auckland to Wellington and back you'll need to top up with a litre of oil. Good thing I haven't got one.

nufix72, May 12, 2:18pm
Surely brighter than you, I don't live in jafaland.
My apologies to other posters for trying to be humorous in such a
serious thread.Not the first to have a laugh at jazz and his liking for
Fiats. By the way I once owned a Fiat 850 Coupe quick car had 128
engine.Tata fool.

sr2, May 12, 9:26pm
3 minutes drive to the boat ramp (fishing??

cowboy30, May 12, 10:04pm
You are quite right it is up to a litre as stated in my first post.
Firstly we have cancelled our order for a new landcruiser and secondly we want Toyota to make sure buyers are aware that toyotas can use oil and lots of it instead of telling the customer after they find out about the problem that it is written in the handbook.I mean who gets the handbook before they buy the vehicle

mrcat1, May 12, 11:38pm
I have a mate that has a 200series crusier that is having oil usage issues, the cure however is very simple, make the thing work!
Allot of people buy them as cars and just run around in them and bascially just have them as a status symbol, something like a mid life crisis or small wanger. But as i told him make the damn thing work so as my mate found out if you start towing heavy loads and then the usage will go down and will go away as they need real work to actually bed in properly.
He has been towing a heavy tandem trailer full of metal over the road to Piha and back to Oratia and i mean giving it to it, to the point he is nearly getting brake fade going up hills.
The last time i spoke to him his wasn't using any of or very little oil any more.

cowboy30, May 13, 7:49am
our landcruisers are used for towing heavy loads and guess what they still drink oil

for_an_angel, May 13, 9:32am
The reason for oil usage differs depending on the production date for the 70 series and 200 series. Early on they all needed vac pumps as the exhaust port was too small causing the oil to vapor and then pulled in to the inlet and burnt. Then a few needed a new set of pistons because of the ceramic coating was wrong and shape not right. Then a gasket was needed in the oil pickup on the 70. all those problems now sorted but there is still a run in period and from all the 70 and 200 I have serviced round the 45000km mark seems to be the the point where oil consumption stops. But like mrcat has pointed out the ones that work hard from day dot slow oil usage alot faster then the school bus 200 series running round town.

mrcat1, May 13, 9:43am
Cummins have a factory fix for engines that haven't bed in properly and are using oil from new, theyweld a plate over the exhaust outlet to cover about 75-80% of the outlet then they run the engine up and hold it at full noise, it builds up heaps of back pressure and forces the compression rings out to the put added wear on the bores, and do this for a period of time. the only thing you have to watch is the engines can get quite hot while doing this so a extra fan on the radiator is sometimes needed.

johnf_456, May 13, 10:05am
Neither does my work hack

johnf_456, May 13, 10:06am
You will get told off for that

johnf_456, May 13, 10:07am

hijacka, May 13, 10:13am
Thats because the oil is to embarrased to leak.

hijacka, May 13, 10:19am
Love the old cruiser! Use to work at ''all 4 Wrecking'' in melbourne was on the gearbox rebuild bench for 4years back in 2000, did a 13bt conversion and installed later gearbox split transfer case to a bj40 when i was there among other things. gona get a 70series cruiser soon hopefully love it!