Landcruiser diff locks

chris241, Jun 27, 12:01am
i have just put front and rear diffs from a hj61 landcruiser into my hj60. Front diff is locking but rear is not thought the cable needed adjusted but when i tried to do this the adjuster broke. So i got under the truck and used vice grips to turn the lever it moves freely but the diff still only turns one wheel. What do i need to chec !

chris241, Jun 27, 6:54am
looks like im on my own

willystruck65, Jun 27, 7:01am
well check on front diff how much it need to move, then if you are moving it the right amount and still dont work id say you will have to pull out for inspection, a better place for answers would be offraod express web site cheers

chris241, Jun 27, 7:08am
yea i joint that site today but still no takers. it seems tobe moving normaly but just not engaging im not sure havnt had diff loks befor. hopefully just something simple diffs have been rebuilt at some stage there was a log book with the one i wrecked over $11,000 in work over the years

willystruck65, Jun 27, 7:12am
im guess the front one locks up straight away if so id say it will pull the head and inspect

chris241, Jun 27, 7:14am
yea the front locks up as soon as you pull the lever up but the rear does nothing.

zephyrheaven, Jun 27, 7:38am
join up lcool forum (google it) the wealth of knowledge on there is incredible

ceebee2, Jun 27, 9:39am
Got a pic of it close up!

chris241, Aug 5, 10:56am
i will take a pic 2mrw in the day light