Landcruiser 80 low speed clunk noise?

jsc1, Apr 26, 9:47am
Auto trans Landcruiser 80 low speed clunk noise! Sounds like slack in the prop shaft when changing gear at low speed .Anyone cured it in theirs and how please.

for_an_angel, Apr 26, 9:50am
Front drive flanges. If the slop is too bad you may need to look at CV joints but the flanges are only $90 or so, so a good place to start

jsc1, Apr 26, 11:37am
thanks are the flanges those plates that are fitted to the outside of the front hubs that slide over the front driveshafts !Ive had them replaced and the back cv replaced .yea il get the front cv done cheers

for_an_angel, Apr 26, 11:47am
Yea thats them. They are splined to the front CV joints so when one wears the other will too. usually fitting new flanges fixes the noise but if the CV splins are too far gone then a new flange is not going to fix it. You can tell when you look at the CV splines if replacement is due, they are pointed triangles instead of a flat top spline

zephyrheaven, Apr 27, 8:01am
Good idea to have someone handy with tools drill a hole in the new flanges & fit some grease nipples to them, pointing at the spline - makes em last yonks
Out of interest F_A_A where do you guys buy yours! I found genuine super dear & have fitted a fair few Taiwanese ones that have lasted Ok but much prefer my truck to have all OEM, cheers

for_an_angel, Apr 27, 8:51am
Hay Zeph. We only fit genuine aye. Sometimes pricing gets away from me (being in the workshop) and prices inflate without me even knowing lol last ones I priced and fitted were $80+ but with the 15% and could have been 3 years ago lol the price may have moved since. the parts dept move alot tho and we keep a few pairs in stock.
Cant say I have ever fitted a Taiwanese made flange but could be something to look into for those customers that get a bit upset with the price haha.

peacebird15, Apr 27, 9:22am
Have you driven over a ford lately!

for_an_angel, Apr 27, 9:23am
Yes the 80 series is full time 4WD

jsc1, Apr 27, 11:11am
Yea thats a good idea about adding grease nipple on the flanges.I bought genuine ones for $110 i wouldnt trust taiwan stuff.

jsc1, Dec 20, 7:41am
must be the front cv on the drive shaft.If you dont sit lightly on the throttle at low speed and either be on or of the gas it wont do it but would rather cure it incase i lend it out to someonean it clunks and lets go.A competion 4wd nutter said they are always goin .