Do ba falcon wheels fit au?

cocabowla, Jun 24, 1:34am
guess so if this aussie post is anything to go by :

the falcons for AU onwards are the same pattern and offset, however, because of improvment in the brakes, a 16in rim minimum is required to fit over the BA calipers. Earlier model falcons have the same pattern but a shallower offset so the outer edge of the wheel sticks out from under the guards.

jason18, Jun 24, 1:48am
Oh mint cheers bud

aleestar, Jun 24, 1:53am
az a ford dealer told me all ford wheels will fit a ford

nave12, Jun 24, 1:59am
the el series up to 98 will fit all the way back to xd series and 98 au series onwards will fit ba bf fg or fg bf ba will fit the au as long as you read above with the rim size against the brake callipers.

aleestar, Jun 24, 2:45am
then y does a 99 au falconfit a 95 el fairmont

phillip.weston, Jun 24, 3:46am
same stud pattern but the offset is different. While it may fit on the hubs, the AU onwards rims will sit more 'inboard' on an EL, and vice versa if pre AU rims are fitted on an AU, they will poke out of the guards further.

jason18, Jun 24, 4:39am
Sweet got some 17s of a BA for 400 with as new directionals.Stoked they look bloody good. Nice 235s sit in guards good

cocabowla, Jul 21, 3:44pm
nice deal