Using bore water for outboard motor flushing

countrypete, Jun 17, 8:45am
Just read the thread on diesel cracked head, with use of bore water being a problem.I flush my '06 Evinrude outboard with water from my bore.I know the water is high in iron but had not considered it to be an issue.Is this a problem!Is there a product I can flush through with the bore water to alleviate any issue!

crzyhrse, Jun 17, 8:53am
Which thread is that!

It's not going to matter on an outboard - the water drains - it's not like it's going to be in the cooling system until the next change. You run the thing in salt water anyway.

unclejake, Jun 17, 9:11am
Countrypete - Your outboard will be sweet.

If you do get worried about it then something like Salt-a-way might assist, but I don't know what exact claims they make.

Anyway, the bore water contributed to overheating in the scenario you linked to but the water did not directly cause the engine to fail. An outboard sources coolant from an unlimited supply. You will be sweet.

countrypete, Jun 17, 9:24am
What I was concerned about is an accelerated build-up of iron or scale inside the block!I realise the water flows straight through and out, but they ain't cheap.Salt-away is one product, anyone else have other recommendations!Thanks!

m16d, Jun 17, 9:32am
Ha. a story thats slightly related. When I lived in Taupo, the "jafa's" next door would come down for the weekend, take the boat out fishing or skiing or what and then come home and flush the big Evinrude with tap water.
Always felt like going over and saying hey you been running your motor in the cleanest lake you'll ever get, now your washing in tap water.huh!

elect70, Jun 18, 1:21am
^^^seen thatha ha . & buying a boat that "only been in fresh water"yeah right#1 its important to get salt out of the systemso good 10 minute flush with any fresh water . Suzukis of 90 s were a problem usedlow grade stainless bolts into cast ally on thewater /exhaust manifold that caused corrosion .

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