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kiwis0, Jan 5, 12:19am
They like taking vehicles to there own workshops, because that is where they make there money.

jono2912, Jan 5, 12:23am
Why oh why did you have to restart this. >.<

kiwis0, Jan 5, 12:30am
To impress you.

gtf, Jan 5, 7:28am
Read the fine print on roadside membership - there's a big difference in coverage between AA & everyone else. you pay for what you get.

fordkiwi27, Jan 5, 7:31am
what a dredge.

thewomble1, Jan 5, 1:23pm
A bottle of meths pouredinto a nearly empty tank will help remove any water in the tank. It absorbs the water and gets gets sucked up with the petrol and burnt as fuel.

net_oz, Jan 5, 4:30pm
So, what you're saying is, water is turned into fuel!Really!
Wouldn't it be easier/cheaper to drain the tank!

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 5, 8:08pm
No, it doesn't. All it does is lower the surface tension of the water so it doesn't prevent the fuel from going through the carburettor jets once it's in the carburettor. For this reason using methylated spirits Is only used as a stop gap measure in an emergency and by some as a placebo. The water & methylated spirits still sits at the bottom of the tank.

The only way to ensure the tank is water free is to remove and drain it.

johnf_456, Jan 5, 8:21pm

amberjandal, Jan 5, 8:37pm
does any one know what sort of vehicle it was !, my guess is a Hilux , 06 or 07 , notorious for injector issues which are being blamed on water/contaminated fuel .The AA would be right to walk away , damage could have been caused over a long period of time and I certainly wouldn't pay If iwas them and this was the case.

amberjandal, Jan 5, 8:39pm
The AA are rediculous to argue over 1c and you are not ! I dont get that.

a.woodrow, Jan 5, 9:50pm
This thread is almost a year old - let it go already!

romulan7, Jan 5, 10:20pm
I cant be bothered to trawl through this thread but to point out that running fuel tanks less than half fuel promotes condensation build up in the fuel tank!This also applies to the service station tanks and bulk storage tanks that do have water detection sensors.
Not that I would know from working experiance in the bulk fuel industry.

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 5, 10:42pm
Yep. Pretty much anything other than completely full will though. It just gets worse as more of the fuel tank is exposed but isn't so much a problem on plastic tanks because they are at a lower risk of 'sweating' due to the heat insulating properties of plastic.

ylenats, Mar 29, 11:46pm
AA Roadside assistance put water in our fuel tank when we used there service after running out of fuel. Causing the car to breakdown, leaving my self with baby and child stranded to find own way home. Aftre we transported the vehicle to our mechanic our selves, they found about 1 liter of water collected in the fuel filters from the small amount of fuel AA provided. AA admitted that they cannot provide evidence of where this "contaminated fuel" came from. AA will not compinsate us for our costs.

pandai, Mar 29, 11:55pm
How do you know AA put the water in there!

Sure that the water was not the reason the car stopped running!

rus_the_dallas, Mar 30, 12:00am
Of course the AA put it there, who else would have done it

tanz29, Mar 30, 12:18am
there is a service station here that has water in the pumps, so it is possible that the aa got the fuel from a station similar. Strange everyone jumps on poster 1, my brothers run their cars dry all the time yet, no water is in the tanks

ylenats, Mar 30, 12:18am
A month later we are still trying to get the matter resolved and AA even have the nerve to argue when we requested our milage to tow the broken down vehicle to our mechanic to be reimbursed for 1 cent more then the IRD rate, though IRD site say under the rate it is expectable able to use AA's rate which is higher then the rate we suggested and still is less then using a tow truck. I wonder why AA would look at IRD rates and not their OWN milage rate, just so to argue over 1 cent! They are truly ludicrous!

pandai, Mar 30, 12:24am
Yeah, they're ludicrous.

ylenats, Mar 30, 12:43am
Yes, I understand that these other people who are not the specialist mechanics for vehicle type don't know what they are talking about, after all they had not seen the quantity of water and they do understand the full story too.

Maybe they feel that one must never do such things as run out of fuel, I have also ran out before in a different location some time ago, (Yes I know very terrible of me! But doesn't make it ok for AA to put water in to fuel tanks!) AA guy said the car would be fine and he was right too on this other occasion. Running out of fuel cannot create liters of water.

I understand about water in fuel too, this is why we requested to know where it was purchased from, the AA policy is that diesel has to be purchased just before the recovery and being a business you would think they could provide a receipt, but surprise surprise they cannot provide a receipt for that day, the recovery guy did however try to cover up by providing a receipt for the following day!

So AA admits that the recovery guy story does not add up, and this leaves me wondering where on earth did it come from and what was it! If it was from a garage like it should have been there would be a way to prove it and we would then have to go to the garage.

We are not talking about a little water either we are talking about more then2 liters of water in the 6 liters fuel provided, this is the amount that had gone through to system to the filters etc, its hard to tell the exact amount but even if a 1/3 or a 1/2 water, you would get that much water from the garage or residue.

The mechanics who know what they are talking about and can see it for them selves explain with out any hesitation, they know that at times fuel has higher water content, but they express that never never would it be the quantity we are talking about.

Sorry I was not clear to start with, try to keep it brief :)

ylenats, Mar 30, 12:45am
Sorry I lacked details to start with, please read above to understand situation better :)

ylenats, Mar 30, 12:48am
Good point, but yes we are sure, we do not go by our judgment or jump to conclusions before seeking professionals advice. I do presume that some people may do that but unfortunately not in this case.Please read above to explain this better :)

johnf_456, Mar 30, 12:55am
+1 What I think also, if you can't put petrol in the car don't drive you just do more damage than whats its worth.

ylenats, Mar 30, 12:59am
Unsure if I should spend my time suggestion to you to read the above to get the facts or to apologies for lack of info causing your uninformed babble. Trust me I was shocked, as was the mechanics at the quantity of water it can hold! The water was found pumped through the system and filters. Everything had to be drained but it didn't get it all, its really hard to tell the exact quantity, I can only go by what we and the mechanic saw.Not all cars are the same, so I can relate to you ignorance, I would not believe it if I had not seen it too! I am sure you get a lot of people TM who talk before getting the facts, so understand your tone, not necessary this time mate! :)

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