Mazda 6/Atenza steering problems.

carstauranga001, Jun 8, 8:28am
Anyone heard that these are having problems. I was warned by Japs that it's around 5 grand problem!

bexx13, Jun 8, 9:04am
Nah no probs here.

sabbath-black, Jun 8, 10:37pm
have had a 02 atenza from steering problems.or any problems

carstauranga001, Jun 9, 7:39am
some in Japan have electrical problems apparantly. They are drive by wire electronics and some Kiwi importers have purchased faulty cars I'm told. Thousands to rectify.

jfstyle, Jun 9, 6:52pm
2002 to 2005 prefacelift mazda sixes need bottom steering kunkle presure lubed by ford mazda dealers.about $200 to do.steering feels like it has a knock it a problem just a service issue.
sold lots of them and had a few that needed it.
main problem people think a oil and filter is a car service

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