cattleshed, Mar 19, 6:32am
What a price! NGK, approx $30 each. Apparently iridium plugs are specified. Is there a cheaper option that is still good quality? What is so special about iridium? What would happen if you used the same reach / heat range but a $4 equivalent? Thanks.

seadubya, Mar 19, 6:39am
If you would like to use the specified plugs, then broaden your search to include international sellers. Your postie can have a set in your mailbox in around a week.

cattleshed, Mar 19, 6:49am
Thanks seadubya hoping to hear if there is another trusted brand out there that's just as good but a lot cheaper? Anyone know?

seadubya, Mar 19, 7:04am
No worries, a quick look online says that your factory spec iridium ngk's can be delivered for around $50 for 4 including freight. A bit of searching would probably turn up better deals. I don't know enough to suggest other brands sorry.

trade4us2, Mar 19, 7:11am
I have platinum plugs and they seem to last forever.

cattleshed, Mar 19, 7:16am
Thanks seadubya I looked but only found US delivered for about that and no shipping to NZ what site did you look up?

seadubya, Mar 19, 7:23am
Confirm the product number for your plugs and only use that in the search ie;TR55IX , change search parameters to include NZ shipping and you should get some good results, then just check reviews for reliable delivery although some sites will guarantee delivery.

franc123, Mar 19, 7:30am
What's so special about iridium is the hard wearing characteristics, they last on average four times as long as standard plugs and with less spark breakdown, this is an advantage if you do high kms and your engine is a difficult one to change plugs in, like a lot of modern V6's for instance. Its still more cost effective to use iridiums, but you don't pay NZ retail prices for them. Incidentally $30 ea locally is a low to medium price for iridiums, some are $45+ each.

monaro17, Mar 19, 7:33am
$30 bucks bargain! I was quoted $54 each for one of my cars, and I needed 6 of them. So I went onto Ebay USA and got all 6 delivered to my door for NZ$76

xs1100, Mar 19, 7:33am
try Autostop and see if they have a bosch equivalent

tsjcf, Mar 19, 7:36am
Use Amazon for our last plugs $49 NZD for 4 iridium plugs for a Toyota Caldina

robotnik, Mar 19, 10:45am
Doesn't your manual specify a range of compatible plugs including cheaper copper ones? It certainly does in my 2005 Mazda Demio manual. Just get compatible coppers. Ask at Repco if you don't know.

dbolton, Mar 19, 6:15pm

ceebee2, Mar 19, 9:15pm
Iridiums are good for approx. 110,000km where as standard plugs are good for up to 20,000km.

One standard plug costs $8.00 v Iridium at $30.00 you do the Math.

On some cars the manifold must be removed to access the plugs, so another reason to go to long lasting ones.

martin11, Apr 22, 11:12pm
Try Super Cheap advertising Iridium plugs from $14.88 ea