Boat navigation computer gps

geedubu, May 29, 5:08am
I see on TME that there are lots of offerings for PC-based satnav systems at a good price. Way way cheaper than a new boat satnav.My current Eagle GPS screen has karked and I need to replace the system.I have a spare laptop around the house.What else do I need to get an easily workable pc gps nav system going!

bigracket, May 29, 5:41am
You are better off with a hard wired proper marine unit imho.

geedubu, May 29, 5:52am
You reckon!1000s for a dedicated gps; 100s for these pc based systems!Would be installed indoors where waterproofing is not an issue.

bigracket, May 29, 5:59am
Yip I do reckon, been there done that, Got an inverter ! you will need one. they just are not that reliable, also where you going to put it so you can see it ! on the dash board!

bigracket, May 29, 6:01am
They end up being unreliable as hell and costing you more in the end. nice big screen sure, but that crap out just when you need them most. just my opinion, and the opinion of others that I know who went there.

bigracket, May 29, 6:03am
you got a launch or yacht! btw

sr2, May 29, 6:05am
If your boat has a large pilothouse and you use a modern laptop with a big screen they can be great. For us mere mortals in our trailer boats a dedicated GPS that is designed to operate in a marine enviroment is the answer.

toxicgreen., May 29, 8:11am
Me an some mates used a hand held little GPS to get to Norfolk is,, kept it in a clear plastic bag. Worked great.

icemans1, May 29, 8:19am

use the right tool for the job.

geedubu, May 29, 10:43am
Got a launch - not big but dry inside

beaker59, Apr 16, 12:00pm
I haven't used one but have seen it done on a couple of charter boats and seemed very good also had options of big files of history for fishing data etc they did have inverter and big power supplies though. guess its a gamble worth taking if either its all you can afford or you can easily afford to do both if it doesn't work out.