Anyone looking for a cheap boat?

jason18, May 22, 6:42am

madfisherman1, May 22, 6:44am
Holy heck.Same boat as my one.The hull in that auction is a mess.Looks the the owner wasn't paying attention and something BAD happened.

johnf_456, May 22, 6:49am
Are you sure thats it! Nzherald says its a jetboat but the boat for sale has an outboard. So it is not a jet powered boat aka jetboat. I suspect the media cant tell the difference.

cjohnw, May 22, 7:00am
I think it could be the correct article but wrong description of the vessel involved.

scoobeey, May 22, 7:04am
Owner being allusive to some questions(nz is not that big):))

stevo2, May 22, 7:04am
Quite right.
Being a Jetboater and a member of the NZ jet boating Assn for many years, I have lost count of the times I have read articles saying "Jetboater" did this or that only to find out it was a outboard powered boat or jetski.
If you cant tell the difference, dont report it.
And yes, it was a shame that happened on our harbour.
Cheers Stevo

johnf_456, May 22, 7:09am
Ditto stevo

cjohnw, May 22, 7:23am
He's not the owner. The company are selling on behalf of the insurance company. The owner has been paid out.

Read the questions and answers again.

johnf_456, May 22, 7:30am
Does not surprise me at all

a18a, May 22, 7:33am
like that holden valiant not so long ago. lol

gunhand, May 22, 7:39am
Jet boat, outboard, ketch, sloop hey whats the worst that could happen

carstauranga001, May 22, 8:00am

xs1100, Mar 19, 5:52pm
what gets me is the Q about how the insurance company have no right to sell what is legally theirs thereby lowering any outlay by them in regards to a claim and really what differance does it make if someone was killed in the accident you would not/will not rebuild that hull you are buying a trailer and possibily a hydralicd motor