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chinalegin, Jan 7, 9:52am
just thought i would drop back in and let you know i found a person who has had the problem i had and knew straight away
the problem was a faulty mercury tilt switch that is designed so you cant start motor while it is tilted up and even when motor down switch was saying up and killing power to ignition much the same as a kill switch does and all we did was pull a wire off disabling it but i will get a new one as i believe if it is there it should be working not just bypass safety systems

chinalegin, Dec 24, 8:32am
i have a 1996 100hp mercury started it yesterday with 4 wheel drive battery and started and ran perfect then brought new marine battery now it turns over but wont fire and seems to be no spark at spark plugs.any suggestions appreciated as wont be able to get to pros until jan 6th

pettal, Dec 24, 8:37am
Have you got thepolarityright !.

dr.doolittle, Dec 24, 8:45am
When was the last time it ran!(before this).
Replace or at least top-up with fresh fuel.
Install NEW plugs. Sometimes cleaning old or fouled ones just isn't enough. Check any fuses.

chinalegin, Dec 24, 8:47am
positive and negative it is wired in right or it wouldn't crank over

chinalegin, Dec 24, 8:52am
it is all new fuel,it only seems to have 1 fuse and it is fine.plugs is my next thing but they have to come from greymouth and i live in rangiora,they are not a standard plug.i will change them all when they arrive DAY BEFORE XMAS IS A BAD TIME TO HAVE ENGINE PROBLEMS

b.m.c1, Dec 24, 9:05am
check the wires to the battery i would say you may have not refitting the ignition wire > power to to the starter but not to the ignition there for it will not fire ! Check any inline fuse's as well . And only replace the fuse with same amp fuse !

tmenz, Dec 24, 9:12am
Double check the polarity with a multimeter - it may turn over if it's reverse polarity but electronic ignition won't work.

snoopy221, Dec 24, 9:13am
Standard issue kill switch/lanyard!
Double check it.

dr.doolittle, Dec 24, 9:15am
I've had brand new plugs short-out down the sides after just one short use.
Dam annoying & sometimes cleaning them just wont work.

dr.doolittle, Dec 24, 9:18am
Go back to the 4WD battery.

chinalegin, Dec 24, 9:23am
thanks for your suggestions i will check all wires and polarity and fuses with fresh eyes in morning and i am going to hook up the 4 wheel drive battery again just to make sure it is not the new battery cranking amps although 530 cold cranking amps should be heaps but illimination is the name of the game

chinalegin, Dec 24, 9:27am
kill switch is what i thought first up because when you try to start it that is exactly what it is like .cranks over but no power to sparkies but no unless it is faulty and is on but is actually off

meathead_timaru, Dec 24, 10:07am
That's why there are 364 days before it each year. To do MAINTENANCE.

People like you are the very reason I'm no longer a Coastguard member since they started giving unlimited callouts to members. I flatly refuse to subsidise them with their efforts to encourage the completely unprepared to go boating.

johnf_456, Dec 24, 10:28am
All engines can break regardless of what maintenance has being done. Sure it reduces the chance of regularly service, but yeap outboards do tend to need a good breaking in with old plugs, fuel and a flat battery from sitting over winter.

meathead_timaru, Dec 24, 12:57pm
I must be doing it wrong then. I've never had any issues with my 27-year old outboards that would prevent me either getting back or fixing them on the water.

chinalegin, Dec 24, 6:48pm
To meathead i suggest people like you don't try to give advise.i am an x lytelton coast guard member.have spares you talk about onboard boat only reason i getting new plugs is to make sure the ones on boat are ok although new 1 year ago and plugs in motor new 6 months ago at boat shop service. i also carry a aux motor so would have not needed help getting back and have never needed help on water in 35years.Merry xmas

chinalegin, Dec 24, 7:04pm
my boat doesn't sit around over winter but careful with weather as always.i love going out on winters days fishing.have had my best days in winter.And before anyone says it battery has caused no problems till the other day.i always start boat day before i go out and old battery said no so started with 4 wheel drive battery and then go buy new one.This one is going to require a boat specialist.i am interested to see what problem is but i dont think it a easy fix

dr.doolittle, Dec 24, 7:10pm
I was thinking, you could try to earth the lead with a bolt or similar pushed-up where the plug goes.
That would tell you if there was power at the end of the lead.

chinalegin, Dec 24, 7:25pm
Dr doolittle thanks for the suggestion but i think that could cause more problems than it would cure.I am now at the point where i will try new spark plugs but i don't think it that easy.No other option but park it up till after 6th jan and give it over to boat experts.
thanks to the ones who have tried to help and

countrypete, Dec 24, 8:10pm
Same thing happened to me, me 'ol China.When I reconnected the batteries after charging them I missed a very small earth wire.I suggest you look very carefully at the wires you took off and reconnected.It is likely very simple.

johnf_456, Dec 24, 8:12pm
like wise on my 77, but i make sure they are right before going out.

snork28, Dec 24, 8:39pm speaking of coastguard, these guys are an excellent example of why they are needed.

sr2, Dec 24, 8:56pm

meathead_timaru, Dec 24, 8:59pm
Here's some adviCe too. If you swapped out the 'old' ones and fitted the spares, you'd eliminate the need to wait. The chances of both sets having one or more faulty plug is minute. Surely you must know how to read a spark plug after 35 years! You don't really even need to on a 3-cyl+ anyway - you just look for the differences between them.

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