Ford EFII Falcon lost power steering

spotx101, Jun 25, 9:03pm
Hi all, just wondering if there is an easy fix! something i can look for! the reservoir is full, it was fine when i parked up 2 days ago, started up last night and.almost drove into the hedge it was so heavy ;) What could it be! who should i see first, mechanic or auto sparkie. Cheers

tmenz, Jun 25, 9:04pm
Broken drive belt!

nave12, Jun 25, 9:36pm
Does it have the serpintine belt(one big belt that drives everything) or does it have two seperate belts,one for the alternator/water pump and one that drives your power steering as that is the main suspect i would be looking at,if it is its an easy fix for about 15-20$ for a belt down at an automotive retailer.

quickstitch, Jun 25, 10:55pm
i have a broken harmonic balancer on an ef before. you will notice a rattling if it is, if it is the belt, replace the idler pullleyswhile you are in there, not that expensive

crzyhrse, Jun 26, 12:25am
If the serpentine belt has gone the alternator light will be on too.

Sure you're looking at the right 'reservoir'! It's on the left top when looking from the front.

And it's not a job you'd normally take to an auto electrician.

spotx101, Jun 26, 2:36am
Hi all thanks for your input. Its working again now. Its all one belt, the pump is mechanical then! The only thing i could think of is that the fluid may be slightly on the low side, i usually park on a slope, could it have airlocked the pump! I do have a small oil leak somewhere (engine) (500mls/6mnths), and theres about 18 mnths worth that probably needs degreasing and cleaning, it appears some oil on some patches of the belt too.naughty naughty.

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