Fitting steering unit hoses the wrong way round

wrong2, May 11, 5:18am
the hoses from the pump fitted the wrong way round will cause the steering wheel to jerk back & fowards rapidly !

crzyhrse, May 11, 5:32am
I don't see how you could physically do it without modification. The return is low pressure and usually has low pressure fittings.

crzyhrse, May 11, 5:33am
Sounds more like just a bit of air which will clear itself after a few lock-to-lock manoeuvres.

dent, May 11, 9:46am
what sorta vehicle and yes if the hoses are around the wrong way you can start the vehicle and it will be fine untill you move the steering wheel then will go back and forwrd by its self violantly

wrong2, May 11, 10:40am
have you experienced this before !

it was a first for me when it was doing it. as soon as i touched the steering wheel it went off goingleft to rightfast by about 70 degrees.

poppajn, May 14, 7:22am
just means if you want to turn left, spin the wheel to the right and vice versa

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