Slips out of gear Subaru legacy 2000

mandie5, May 13, 6:25am
i have a subaru legacy 2000, non turbo that has just started slipping/popping out of gear while reversing,It has only does this twice so far in the last two days,
What would be the most likely cause! it is a 5 speed manual


johnf_456, May 13, 7:42am
Checked the trans fluid!

mugenb20b, May 13, 7:54am
It's 5 speed manual John!

johnf_456, May 13, 8:05am
Still should check the fluid, whos to say there was not a leak. With gearbox issues the easiest thing you can do is make sure they have the correct fluid and topped up before going head first in the deep end.

mugenb20b, May 13, 8:06am
And lack of fluid will make it pop out of! I was going to suggest to check all the gearbox and engine mounts first.

johnf_456, May 13, 8:08am
Still something that should be checked even part of maintenance, if the mounts were loose there probably would be a bit of a jolt / shock in the car which the OP has not mentioned.

mandie5, May 13, 10:10am
the car was serviced last week as per mechancial warranty services so all fluids wouldve been checked and topped up
when it first slipped out,i had thought, that maybe i had put it in neutral instead of reverse but it happened today as i was reversing out my driveway

johnf_456, May 13, 10:12am
Perhaps take it back to them, if they did the work they would know what has been done.

mandie5, Feb 14, 2:47pm
ok thanks, i am going to ring in the morning but thought id ask on here for tonight,never had it happen before
thanks anyway