2 litre station wagon opinions

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motorcycleparts, May 8, 12:25am
Looking for a station wagon around 5k , looking at Mondeo or primera's or even Subaru, what is peoples concensus on what models are better !

therafter1, May 8, 12:29am
NZ New 2.2 Camry.

hijacka, May 8, 12:47am
Most diffenatley subaru!

motorcycleparts, May 8, 1:28am
What about the Subaru GTB E tune 2001 with 186kms on speedo, for 5k ! good buying or steer clear !

morrisman1, May 8, 1:42am
tick tick tick BOOM

_peas, May 8, 1:46am
Mondeo. gotta be a manual, the autos get poor mileage and nil power.Primera check for service record as they have issues with getting oil to the camshafts.Subaru. well there's just more to go wrong with them thats all. 4WD, 2x turbos, 2x heads.Every car has their downsides, just decide which ones you can live with.

jason18, May 8, 1:52am
I have a primera for sale wink wink ;)

zirconium, May 8, 2:00am
Mondeo (manual), for the economy, comfort and space. - Wins on all three counts.

hijacka, May 8, 2:02am
How about a 92 bf5 facelift gt wagon single turbo with td0h5 turbo!, ill have 1 up for sale soon with near new clutch,new front and rear seals and gaskets, cambelt water pump, its the primo model with side revision mirror demister and electric seat. i will be asking 2500 for it new wof and reg be ready in about 2-3weeks,
Not a fan of twin turbo legacys but 5k sounds like theres something wrong with it.

motorcycleparts, May 8, 2:03am
Looking at an 04 Mondeo manual with 250km service history etc looks tidy enough, $4500

motorcycleparts, May 8, 2:04am
far to old.and ugly shape thanks anyway

rlr29, May 8, 2:07am
It's a traaap!

motorcycleparts, May 8, 2:08am
did quick search and I will not be going the subaru way

zirconium, May 8, 2:10am
Make sure it has a new clutch - they cost mega bucks to replace unless you can do it yourself.Make sure you drive it, too as it may have a few rattles after that mileage!

Note about the cons: They are front wheel drive and quite heavy, so they don't go that well in gravel. For the same reason they aren'tgood on wet grass. :)

jsbike, May 8, 3:42am
2wd 2L stagea.

ryanm2, May 8, 4:09am
if you can find a looked after non turbo subaru like a legacy TS-R most of the problems will be in your head. People rant on about Suby's on here most days, its great as it seems to keep the price down on good examples. Ive had 2 Litre Primera's, Legacy's and Caldina's. I cant afford a nice euro for the same specs so heading back to a legacy lancaster after i ditch the VR commodore we currently have.We miss the wagon and the 4wd. (esp now on chch roads)
You are also comparing a sports wagon (GTB) to a family wagon (mondeo). I would find out exactly what you want and start from there.

franc123, May 8, 4:32am
Why would that be!Mondeo's are a sensible midsized car thats combines a good degree of comfort and safety and refinement at a reasonable price.Next thing you'll be saying that driving something with a w@nked over VW beetle engine with a hairdryer hung off it is some kind of a masculine statement.

hijacka, May 8, 6:07am
Your big on mouth and small on brains arn't you haha, what a life you have tryn to take a digg at every post i make lol. We all have different opinions fannyc123 and thats fine, but not everyone loves the same car mum drives lol.
Theres plenty of reason why you shouldn't buy a mondeo, especially a high km example. But i can't be bothered explaining the difference between nanas car to a sports car, not to mention for the price of a replacement coil pack for a modeo you can buy a subaru engine.clearly your out of your league anyway. And masculine statement WTF! you really are a homo aren't you beiber!

vtecintegra, May 8, 6:38am
The OP was asking about mid sized wagons - they never said anything about sports cars

motorcycleparts, May 8, 6:40am
This is correct I hardly class a road going subaru a sports car.especially a stationwagon

ducatiss, May 8, 7:03am
A 2 litre non turbo Subaru is a good car and a reliable one as well - the problem is that a lot of knobs who cant afford the turbo version drive them and thrash them to bits.I had a TSR version and did 80 thousand trouble free km's but I did maintain it well and drove it sensibly.
Also had a Mk3 Mondeo (Auto) and yes, the manual is a better drive but the autos are ok as well and not as bad as ppl make out.Plenty of room and reliable. Auto will get about 12km/l highway and 10km/l in town. though if you have a heavy foot then expect that to drop.

motorcycleparts, May 8, 7:24am
Thanks for that all an option but not really to keen on a 4 cylinder auto, would prefer a manual

im_andrew, May 8, 7:28am
Im confused, if you are looking at 2 litre wagons for the perceived fuel economy, why the hell are you looking at turbo legacies!

motorcycleparts, May 8, 7:42am
Did not know they drink fuel, hence why i was asking !

vtecintegra, May 8, 7:44am
They're worse than many much bigger six cylinders.You should also avoid awd/4wd if you don't need it and economy is a concern