My window wont go up or down, it is manual winding

kaurilover, Apr 13, 9:24pm
and I need to get this fixed ASAP, question is, do I take it to a Mechanic, Panel Beater or Glass Place!TIA :)

lk104, Apr 13, 9:51pm
To a mechanic, your Window Regulator will be stuffed.

thunderbolt, Apr 13, 10:54pm
Or the bracket has come off the window. Either way a mechanic will be able to help you out.

lookoutas, Apr 14, 5:54am
Don't type crap.
Panelbeaters do this type of work on the most regular basis.
So will be the quickest and most experienced at doing the job.

marcos1, Apr 14, 8:13am
*Wonders once again ,what kinda car it could be!*

carkitter, Apr 14, 11:02am
Why does that matter! Read the first post again; if you've ever replaced a window regulator and plenty of us mechanics have, the answer is obvious.

lookoutas, Apr 15, 5:28am
I agree with reading the first post again - and the rest. Then all we can finish up with in accordance to the info given, is assumptions!

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