Pro-parts napier broken into

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kiwisparky, Mar 18, 9:36pm
thieving bastards broke in last night .671 polished blower,holly carbs, mufflers, were taken any info contact pro-parts napier

shaun16, Mar 18, 10:01pm
thefts are going to get worse and worse as the price of eveything goes up

smac, Mar 18, 10:06pm
Inflation has been around for a while relative terms most material goods are actually getting cheaper. Increase in crime isn't about cost of goods.

johnf_456, Mar 18, 11:25pm
Shit happens, just hopefully you have insurance.

mantagsi, Mar 19, 7:40am
if thats your attitude be sure you don't get snapped moaning your ass off at the higher and higher prices of things these days; this sort of thing is why stuff gets more expensive, covering increasing insurance costs etc

johnf_456, Mar 19, 7:55am
@mantagsi: I'm not moaning about it moron, just saying regardless if you like it or not it still happens hence the shit happens term. Just saying shit happens by mentioning it here because moaning here will not change the situation in the real world. I do hate theives but life goes on so raging and ranting is just been negative, its best just to hope for the best now that shit has happened and its out of your control.

Like do what you achieve by ranting and raging, the most best thing you can do out of a thing like this is move on with life hence the shit happens. Lifes not fair get use to it, don't get me wrong I hate thieves as much as you so I don't appreciate the harsh attitude.

mantagsi, Mar 19, 8:10am
Its hardly ranting and raging, it is just the fact that it is a real sign of the times that folks seem to be pretty accepting of thefts, like it is just something we should get over and get used to - shouldn't be that way at all. As for you Johnf, you are the biggest bloody moron on this MB, some of the shit you've posted has made more folks than me look on in utter disbelief! would be interested to see how calm and accepting you would be if you got your house ripped off.

johnf_456, Mar 19, 8:15am
Well I have been the victim many times, currently fixing my partners car even from the damaged lock. But do I rant and rage on message boards about it no, I'm mature I just move on.

I just don't rant on public message boards about I don't accept it. Yeah I get annoyed like everyone but does yelling at everyone else achieve much! Be positive, just hope for the best, upgrade security, put effort into finding it. I don't understand why you think I am a moron, for posting the hard trueful advice. I just stick to the rules but I with the anti police attiude a lot of you have in here I am not surprised a lot don;t like the law when I say you broke the law whats the problem.

As ranting and raging hardly achieves nothing.

mantagsi, Mar 19, 8:24am
And I don't understand why you would think I am a moron for being annoyed at your callous attitude to someone elses misfortune. Insurance is great, yeah sure, but if you have been a victim of crime as you state, why don't you sit down and tot up the hours wasted dealing with insurance firms, the fact that the amount you receive usually never compensates for the goods lost, the hassle with proving a claim, the fact you often have to do without an essential item for weeks on end while they drag the chain with payment. Honestly, telling the guy "shit happens" - how ignorant is that! good grief. Many moons ago I had the misfortune to get into the retail side of things. The burglaries and shoplifting got to me, so when I see stuff like what the OP posted, it really irritates me to think of these little wankers ripping peoples shops off

johnf_456, Mar 19, 8:29am
Yea well unfortunately shit does happen in life, the amount of times I have had to fix things or help friends from theft is crazy since everyone turns to me as there point of call with my knowledge of cars. It gets to the point you just can't rage anymore than rage, yea it annoys me deep down but I just try to move on and not let it drag me down and make me depressed like it has done to me before.

So yip its unfortunate that its happened but its a fact of life that we have these people in life. But wait they are not humans they are scum. Life is never fair, heck look at chch for example thats nothing to me having a roof over my head.

mantagsi, Mar 19, 8:30am
It is true that you are dead right on this one, ah well. Either way I sure hope the pro parts guy gets a successful resolution to this issue.

johnf_456, Mar 19, 8:33am
Even check on here for stolen parts, I actually reported a stolen car the other week from a suspicious wording on the listing. Got nothing to loose.

carmedic, Mar 19, 8:38am
The OP came on here appealing for any info not ranting and raving.

johnf_456, Mar 19, 8:39am
I am entitled to an opinion just like you are.

jmma, Mar 19, 8:45am
bump all the best get it back
Quote johnf_456 (111 )5:43 pm, Sat 12 Mar #124

This from another thread about something stolen (o:

carmedic, Mar 19, 8:46am
Yes you are John, however??

johnf_456, Mar 19, 8:49am
I just speak the hard truth thats just me, I see things as I see it. I'm not pc and go its ok blah blah, a spade is spade. Has said above what does it achieve, hence saying in my original comment got insurance. Hoping they would reply yes which would help more than none at all.

But the fact of the situation is shit happens regardless in life in anything, so I don't see how its bad. Not like I said good riddens hope you never get it back or something very harsh.

carmedic, Mar 19, 11:51pm
Asperger's or are you really that obtuse!

mr40cal, Mar 20, 12:04am
johnny must have headed off to have his medication and a wee lie down - hes had a go at climbing in my ass a while ago - gods gift to all things knowledgable, doesn't like it when you point out hes having a wee melt down - just wait he wont be able to resist some sort of lack lusture reply

johnf_456, Mar 20, 12:27am
Hardly a melt down for speaking the obvious answer to a problem, obviously its that time of the month for women in here to get upset and whinge like one. No one has answered what ranting and having a tanty achieves.

All you can do is hope you have insurance and they cover it, to help deal with the shit thathappens!

johnf_456, Mar 20, 12:28am
Obviously the truth hurts by mentioning shit happens, I guess its that time of the month for women in here to get emotional and whinge like one.

quickstitch, Mar 20, 1:00am
thats a catchy tune.

johnf_456, Mar 20, 1:59am
How many times do I need to tell you I dont so called mark I point it out face to face, otherwise I would hide in the corner and not post helpful advice in other threads if you bothered to open your eyes. Its more everyone else getting their period, has for any help that's a under statement even check out mk3 thread regarding the oil leak.

I just say you look for someone to blame for your lack of ability to obey rules. Sure is that the time of the month.

johnf_456, Mar 20, 2:37am
No its not yeah right that does not make it me in anyway possible, you just think oh he points out this mistake and this is wrong so hes the nark lets pick on him. It is not the case I can sure you from the bottom of my heart and I would personally like you to stop it, stop being immature because it is not me. As said time and time again I will point stuff out but I do NOT complain behind the scens, I am all for face to face. I have no problem with you, I like some of the funny stuff you post. But if you keep personally having a giving at me I might have to start taking a harder approach even though it is not my instinct to take it to the top I can assure you. I for one am tired of you and others thinking I am the one everytime, you just can't blame yourself so you look to the next thing the person who points it out. When I doubt the real person would not have the courage to show themselves.

noswalg, Aug 6, 3:46pm
What like a campaign of terror! You're not going to park outside his house at night with the lights of are Ya John! Thats just a bit weird!