Rust cut

gunhand, Mar 31, 11:31pm
Not many people will give you a quote as such but more like an estimate. Rust can be straight forward or a huge mess. Hard to tell from pics but it dosnt look to to bad.
But not being able to see what is behind it and has to be removed and so on its hard to say.Out of curiosity what kind of car is it as it may give an idea of any associated problems it could have. If you were down this way I would do it cheaper than a panel shop. Also does screen need removing.
Some further away shots would be handy to.

skyline_guy_r34, Apr 1, 12:10am
Ive been charged $150 to cut out one rust spot about the size of a computer mouse and welded in a plate.

My father was charged slightly less by a different company for a slightly smaller amount.

4 spots x say $120 = $480.

gunhand, Apr 1, 2:07am
None of it looks that badbut looks like screen does need to come out and who knows what else maybe under there.I Take it the screen is on a rubber system which is not hard to get out at all.
Bugger you were close LOL.

lookoutas, Apr 1, 4:41am
Before or after Church!

Anyone would be stupid to put a price on that. It looks like all the windows should come out, and the sooner the better.
To say you might be lucky doesn't usually apply with those vans.

paull, Apr 1, 8:16am
haha yea rust is like an ice berg mate, you see only a small bit hanging out the top and once you dig deep it just keeps on going, now not all rust is like that but but 80 % is so be prepared, i would take the windows out and then you can see whats there, local glazier will help and its ony a half hr job for both windows if you are not able to do it your self, at alokk i would say this could get up around the $500-$600 for the rust and the same again to paint it

thejazzpianoma, Apr 1, 8:18am
Don't take this the wrong way Jono, but is it worth it!
There is nothing more painful than chasing rust around a car once they get that bad.

Its probably worth something as is and there are plenty of newer non rusty cars around, sounds like you need something more economical anyway.

im_andrew, Apr 1, 8:26am
Agree, you can get $160/ton as scrap steel. You might get a whole $200 out of it.

jono2912, Apr 1, 9:57am
Yeah, you're probably right. But I'm still gonna do it. Can't give you any reasoning, I'm just gonna do it. haha

jono2912, Apr 1, 9:58am
Easy to get back in!

1ollie, Apr 1, 10:20am
Yeap nah throw away the $2000+ van because it needs $400 to $1000 max worth of small rust repairs done lol geshhh some people!
The windows are easy to get in and out if you have done it before! lol if you havint I would advise not to attempt it without some one on hand thats experienced to help and teach you!

richard198, Apr 1, 11:24pm
This car would have failed it's last wof ( and probably the ones before!) The rust on the pillar is on a structural area and wof stations would need to see the welding work there. Not much change out of $1000 for a proper job!

scoobeey, Apr 2, 12:02am
Scrap car not worth it

jono2912, Apr 2, 12:17am
Okay, how much you want for it! Contact me via listing and I'll give you my address. Much appreciated.

thejazzpianoma, Apr 2, 3:48am
Sounds like a good move!
Judging by the pictures posted in past of work on his own cars hotrodpete knows what he is doing.

smh63, Apr 2, 5:28am
Jono at work now til 10pm , he is having trouble finding someone to remove windows at short notice, he will be on later tonight

jono2912, Apr 2, 10:28am
I'm looking forward to it!

Got someone to pull the glass out, willgive you a buzz tomorrow Pete!

jono2912, Apr 2, 10:35am
Dunno what time he's coming to do windows. I'll be out again from 2pm and 10pm on Sat. But you're most welcome to swing round.

Just emailing my address through now

jono2912, Sep 21, 1:12pm
Probably 12k! About 15 mins

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