Has any one got flat deck for nissan ute

dogman07, Mar 26, 7:50am
they wanta list on trade me

mk3zephyr, Mar 26, 8:16am
Dont post questions like this on here, if johnf_456 see's it he will report you and you could possibly face getting a warning and/or a one month ban for doing so.
How do i know this!, i asked the same question regarding a valve cover and he reported me and i got banned, he denied it at 1st but later admitted it, Just giving you a heads up.

skin1235, Mar 26, 8:23am
what year, have an early model flatdeck here, was about to cut it down for the steel

skin1235, Mar 26, 8:24am
jeze you're in chch, be cheaper to make one than ship this one, unless you can get a 'real good deal' on a truck heading your way

dogman07, Mar 26, 8:31am

skin1235, Mar 26, 8:34am
freight will be an issue but if you want to send some mount measurements I can check if it will fit, think this one was off an old datsun720 so more '86 than '89