Dim Drivers, are you one?

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gadgetman, Mar 23, 4:29am
This was my original first post of the thread. What is so offensive about it!

Now when the daylight have reduced it is time to think about visibility again. See and be seen by other road users.
Too many people drive without lights until they need to see the road themselves.
Some of these dim drivers use parking lights instead of headlights.
Parking lights do not make your vehicle any more visible than not using them. So there is no point using them.
Personally I use lights every time it is grey weather when you can not see a blue sky.
For some reason those people driving with parking lights on really bugs me, false sense of safety.

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trogedon, Mar 23, 8:23pm
See The Castle movie

intrade, Mar 23, 8:34pm
hmm you should have afiat they turn the lights off when ignition is off .
i think there is or was a buzzer you can plug on to the fuse box that buzzes when light is on and ignition off.
thats the one i was thinking off dicksmiss had em.

clark20, May 17, 12:19am
I have DRLs, much better as they point the light straight ahead, not down like a headlamp

pandai, May 17, 12:48am
When it's raining or getting darker I use the fogs, because they have a low cutoff and don't blind people.I wish more people would use their lights in crap weather, when my back window is covered in water, I can't see anything!

franc123, May 17, 12:52am
Has anyone else noticed that the people most likely not to be using headlights or fogs when they should be are also the same people that insist on driving these drab silver or grey coloured cars (imports especially) that blend in nicely with the sky and road in such weather/light conditions!

pandai, May 17, 12:54am
Haha yes!

jcs4, May 17, 12:54am
yes. road coloured cars are annoying

flitt, May 17, 1:06am
Other than absentmindedness, this above is the degree of ignorance. Many think that because they can see where they are going that they don't need their lights on. It's as if they take pride in their excellent eyesight. Dim.

for_an_angel, May 17, 1:16am
Just putting this one out there. some drivers don't switch on because they know when they get to the other end they forget to switch off. Still too many cars without reminder buzzers or auto lights out there. I think all cars should have daytime runners that come on with the key like alot of bikes, problem solved.

flitt, May 17, 1:21am
lol. Then maybe some of them are more stupid than I at first thought.

moosie_21, May 17, 2:20am
I love having bright 'flip-up' headlights and ultra visible yellow foglights on my Celica. No one's going to miss me coming!

jason18, May 17, 2:24am
I have those drab silver import cars and drive with my lights on alot!

zirconium, May 17, 2:27am
Yes, these are the same people that pull out too close to me from a side road. Why should they give way! - Obviously i can see them, I have my lights on. Grrrr.

gadgetman, May 17, 9:35am
I am planning to get those Daytime Running Lights made with new LED technology. Save power and switch off automatically.
I have run my battery flat a few times as I forget to switch off the headlights when parking. The buzzer works only when I open the drivers door but I can walk through to the back and have a lunch with lights on. What really bugs me when passersby don't care as they could tell me to switch the lights off.

gadgetman, May 17, 9:40am
Sometimes I flash my lights to those dim drivers as they drive with parking lights on. Often they misunderstand me as they think there is a speed camera andI see their brake lights from my mirrors.
Other times the driver is a woman who thinks I am hitting on them!

gtrmotorsport, May 17, 9:44am
You dont have to make them you can buy them there are heaps of options for led running lamps these days But you can make them if you want just letting you know they are out there :-)

I have my lights on every time i drive safer that way. Havent left them on yet

st_allie, May 17, 9:54am
I ride a motorbike so my lights are on automatically.


the other day I noticed another motorcyclist ahead of me, just after 6pm and it was dark, with a small blinking light on the back of his helmet. it wasn't a huge light at all. he/she was super visible to me. a really great idea. I'm going to get me one of those for winter.

xacoon, May 17, 11:20am
flashing red rears are the most visible light you can get I reckon, I do a lot of very early morning driving (from my house eh gadgetman!) and strike a few cyclists on their way to the works etc, a flashing red stands out like dogs balls on a budgie, infinitely better than a continuous red. ok cars having larger lights are different, but as far as any single rear light vehicle goes. my vote is for the flasher

xacoon, May 17, 11:26am
I will almost agree with you here g man. park lights are better than no lights, and unfortunately a fair whack of people who dont drive their house to work dont see the need to put their lights on unless it is dark, actually just like people with big windows in their houses haha, anyway I am an advocate for lighting up in all weather conditions, but until it is law to have lights turn on and off with the key, the majority of motorists will just forget to do it. shame really because I think even parks on in all weathers would be more effective than most road safety campaigns that are run currently

letitia, May 17, 11:35am
From the NZ Road Code:

Never drive with just the park lights on.

See this in context:


thejazzpianoma, May 17, 11:39am
I just dont understand why other manufacturer's dont do what Fiat have done for 40 years or so. That is have the lights turn off with the key! Its SO simple! BTW on a Fiat if you want to put your park lights on you push a little button which letsyou put the ignition one more click backwards, good system.
Likewise, in the days before central locking, you could never lock your keys in the likes of a Fiat 127 because it wouldnt let you push the button and then close the door to lock it on the front. You had to do this with the key. Just good common sense design!

xacoon, May 17, 11:45am
yeh but I cant fit 3 rotties 6 crates and 4 people comfortably in a fiat. and my xa wont let me lock the keys in either. sorry, fail for my needs. not bad tractors though

xacoon, May 17, 11:50am
also says this "never wear dark glasses". do they enforce this!

thejazzpianoma, May 17, 11:58am
I am not saying everyone should drive one, I am just saying why on earth dont other manufacturer's do this! Hell it should be cheaper than fitting another blardy beeper as well!