Insurance for drivers under 25

rachsta, Mar 22, 5:31am
Which in your opinion is the best insurance for a driver under 25, on their first car. Cheers

skyline_guy_r34, Mar 22, 6:22am
State, or tower. I got with Tower because I was living with parents at young age. They even insured me for a Holden commodore v6 at 17 years old.

State Insured me for a Holden commodore 2000 ss when i was 21. No one else would insure me, or they wanted 1800+ for premiums. State got me $750 premiums for full insurance.

In saying that Tower wont insure me now until im 25. Maybe they've tightened up in the last few years!

And also, state wont insure my partner who is 21, or one of my mates who is 22. And they have less risky vehicles than my v8 commodore.

morrisman1, Mar 22, 6:27am
Im 20 and with AMI, low risk car 3rd party this year cost me $140 which is alright. Hopefully I'll never find out how good they are (because that would involve a crash).

Most insurers will be just fine if its a low risk car but if the stats show its high risk (even if its nothing special) then thats when some companies will start charging a fortune and others wont.

rachsta, Mar 22, 7:25am
Thanks guys, thats great. I'm 20 and was looking at AMI insurance already, so good to hear a few different opinions.

phillip.weston, Mar 22, 8:26pm
try CLIC, they are a part of AMI and deal with the harder to insure segment, yet their prices are still pretty good.

johnf_456, Mar 22, 9:25pm
Well said like me here.

franc123, Mar 22, 11:20pm
Which is the dumbest thing you can do.If they find out in the event of a claim that you are the main driver, you're toast.

johnf_456, Mar 22, 11:46pm
Its a tricky one but that reason alone is not a reason to deny a claim where bikers when you need him. There is more to it.

franc123, Mar 23, 6:03am
Haha, so you've never heard of private investigators then!I know a fellow who spent 25 years in the Police/CIB, retired and then was employed to do just that on behalf of insurance co's trying to beat fraud. You would be amazed at what they can and will find out about you.I wouldn't be trying it on.

zirconium, Aug 18, 10:10am
Rach, what sort of car, and have you been named as a main driver on any other car!- This helps you to get a premium discount if you haven't had any accidents.