Cambelt Toyota Hiace Jumbo 3 litre Diesel

alski2, Mar 21, 8:36am
How many km before you have to change the cambelt on one of these. What is it safe to go uo to. Thanks

gtrmotorsport, Mar 21, 8:43am
150km is the interval a light will come up to tell you its due

dent, Mar 21, 9:05am
what year is it!

scoobeey, Mar 22, 2:09am

alski2, Mar 22, 6:59am
Van is year 2000, thanks

lk104, Mar 22, 7:51pm
Wrong, it is 150,000km

for_an_angel, Mar 22, 11:50pm
Import or NZ New! NZ is 150k and import would be 100k

scoobeey, Mar 22, 11:52pm
whats the difference same motor

lk104, Mar 23, 12:55am
How do you know that! A 3 litre Diesel Hiace could be a 5L Motor or a 1KZTE. The guy hasnt said which one. For an angel is correct, if its an import, the first cambelt gets changed at 100k and then 150k after that, the NZ Model gets done at 150k

stevo2, Aug 16, 10:17am
Nobody knows more about them than For_an_angel. They do come out as 5L or 1KZTE and they are completely different motors. I know for a fact that the 2800cc (3L) NZ new is replaced at 100,000km.
Cheers Stevo