Shock replacement?

Page 1 / 2, Mar 21, 8:52am
how do you know if the shocks need replacing,have done a bounce test and it seems quite bouncy.
it is a 97 corolla,lowered doesnt sway or make any strange noises but has done 220,000 ks.
should it have little or no bounce when jumping on the tow ball.

xacoon, Mar 21, 8:55am
how long have you had it! shocks need done more often than they are, reccomended every 30/40000km. new shocks are a beautiful thing.

gtrmotorsport, Mar 21, 8:55am
depends on how close you are to the bump stops. if it keeps moving after you have bounced it then they are worn if it seems really soft and does not stifen up after the initial bounce they are worn.

johnf_456, Mar 21, 8:56am
Utter crap at 30,000kms

mrfxit, Mar 21, 8:58am
Agreed . unless he's thinking of 50 years ago!

xacoon, Mar 21, 8:59am
thats what the reccomended is. did I say it was gospel!

mrfxit, Mar 21, 8:59am
How does it behave over large bumps!

mrfxit, Mar 21, 9:00am
Yea ok, thats true enough

johnf_456, Mar 21, 9:00am
Well I said that recommendation was crap so why are you taking offense to it and believing it.

xacoon, Mar 21, 9:00am
try driving the roads rtound here rec would be closer to 20.

xacoon, Mar 21, 9:01am
hmmm yet I am the only one who has asked how long he has had it. interesting.

gtrmotorsport, Mar 21, 9:03am
Yeah read an article in the mta mag about that thats what the manufactures recommend but yeah never happens the shock wear is gradual and most owners dont realise its happening untill a new pair is fitted and they cannot belive the difference.

johnf_456, Mar 21, 9:03am
How long hes had it does not mean the shocks were changed when he bought it. If he hasn't done them since he has owned and they seem sus change them.

xacoon, Mar 21, 9:05am
you know what I'm talking about, no-one does it on reccomendation but a new set of shocks when they finally go in feel soooo good.

xacoon, Mar 21, 9:06am
and if he has owned it for the last 100000km they will probably need changed, whats your point!

johnf_456, Mar 21, 9:07am
Simple get them tested plenty of suspension places about, not everyone has disposable income to do things will nilly in hard times. Only do it if necessary IMHO.

carkitter, Mar 21, 9:13am
Who said your opinion was gospel!

gtrmotorsport, Mar 21, 9:16am
Amen Brotha, Mar 21, 9:18am
seems to bounce still over large bumps,never hard enough to hit bump stops, Mar 21, 9:18am
owned it for approx 5 years.brought it with 140k on the clock

johnf_456, Mar 21, 9:19am
To get them checked, it is a guideline for shocks if they need changing as not everyone drives the same roads. Some drive on bumpy roads gravel, so to say go on milegae alone since hes owned then yeah. Also lowered cars gives the suspension a much hard treatment shorting the life of it.

mrfxit, Mar 21, 9:19am
hmmm yet I am the only one who has asked how it behaves on the road . interesting

johnf_456, Mar 21, 9:20am
On that case replace them if you can afford to if not get them checked and go from there.

mrfxit, Mar 21, 9:21am
Bugger that, I would have to change mine every 3 to 6 months at that rate., Mar 21, 9:27am
looks like il be taking it in to get the shocks tested.