Which 4wd/suv? Hilux-Terrano

shepd, Aug 7, 2:10pm
After a 4wd and am keen on hilux surf 95 onwards, also nissan terranos 95 onwards. would prefer a land cruiser but funds dont stretch that far, any info or good/bad expensive repairs common faults anyone knows of would be great.

philltauranga, Aug 7, 8:41pm
Common on some Terranos is rust under the rear seat so if you look at 1 remmember to lift rear seat and have a look. I just brought 1 for the lifestyle block it better than the bighorn we had before even tho the motor is smaller it seems to run better and handles the road really well with no leaning on fast corners. The surfs Ive been in are much like the bighorn and you have to be careful on corners due to poor road handling.

mrfxit, Aug 7, 8:56pm
No offense intended to you personally but this statement always cracks me up about the attitude towards 4x4's that a lot of ppl have .

"handles the road really well with no leaning on fast corners. The surfs Ive been in are much like the bighorn and you have to be careful on corners due to poor road handling"

It's NOT A CAR, it's a FOUR BY FOUR wheel drive vehicle DESIGNED mostly for OFF ROAD usage with on road capabilitys
If ppl really want a road designed 4wd/ awd, then stick to Rav4's & subaru's etc

bubbles244, Aug 7, 8:57pm
dont get the terrano with a sunroof.
and the starter motors a B****H to get to.

i have a 89 hilux with heaps wrong, but it starts every morning when i want it too.

emmaj26, Aug 7, 9:12pm
If you can afford one get a hilux over the terrano, hilux's are alot more reliable and if anything does go wrong parts are cheap as chips.
There's a reason alot of farmers/taliban use them because they just keep going.
One of my mates has had 3 terranos and all Ive ever heard him say about them is complaining.
Im not biased over any one 4WD and own a pajero myself and go off road alot

lookoutas, Aug 7, 10:06pm
The pre 95 Terrano's rust out under the seats phillBOP, and fxit - phill didn't mention they handled brilliantly, just better.

I have a 97 Terrano and have been impressed with the way it drives compared to the Surf's I've driven. A Surf is built on a chassis and rides accordingly, whilst a Terrano is mono framed, feels tighter in the body and rides more like a spongy old Yank Tank.

Off road! - Surf
Mainly road use! - Terrano
Mechanicals! - Toyota would be more bullet proof, but nothing wrong with Nissan

blodz, Aug 7, 10:30pm
what ever you do dont get a 2.7 terrano in auto they are gutless get the 3.2 it is much better however for offroading either is fine

mugenb20b, Aug 7, 11:44pm
There's actually 3 diesel motors. 3.0 DOHC turbo diesel (ZD30). They are aboslute crap, stay well clear of them.

mugenb20b, Aug 7, 11:46pm
Well, they are OK actually in a PR50 model. 125hp, not much, but then again, they are not meant to be race cars. If you want one with power, get the 3.3 V6 petrol.

mrfxit, Aug 8, 4:17am
What . this bit .
"The surfs Ive been in are much like the bighorn and you have to be careful on corners due to poor road handling"

neell, Aug 8, 4:28am
How steep are the hills you will be driving it on! Are there easily followed tracks! How deep is the mud you will be going though! Will you be going through any rivers!

philltauranga, Aug 8, 9:01am
I couldnt agree more so I will correct my statment by saying " handles the road really well on fast corners in comparision to most other 4WD SUVs Ive driven"
I also have a Nissan Pulsar GTIR 4WD 2L turbo it is a 4WD car and handles like a cat on carpet the terrano is no comparsion to it. My terrano is mostly used on the farm but I do appericate its better road handling and off road capibilitys compared to my old bighorn which was shyte on the highway as is my mates surf I do feel safer in the terrano.

mrfxit, Aug 8, 9:42am
Fair enough Phill.
Yea my 88 Surf isn't exactly a speed demon on corners either but theres a lot of reasons for that including .

REAL 4x4 tyres
No sway bars (factory std)
Very high factory road Clarance (compared to more modern designs)
Leaf springs & torsion bar suspension (no coils)
Heavy duty rear leaf springs (a lot stronger then factory fitted)

I rebuilt the back springs for heavy loads rather then 4x4 driving,, but it's what does the job for me for the moment & I am fully aware of it's road limits ;-)

(300kg in the back drops the back springs by just over 1" or so)

tazcsv, Sep 24, 8:48am
Streeeetchyour pennies for a 80 series cruiser.