1998 Astra Rear electric window - Blue (LOL)

clark20, May 2, 8:15am
My mothers car broke the window drive in the LH rear door. I found another new aftermarket one however the plug was only 2 pin, not 6 pin like the original. Anyone have any info on these!

supernova2, May 2, 8:46am
Multimeter or test light probably sort it out.Last horror job of this sort was "making" a switch for a Hiace van window.Couple of relays and all was well.2 pins means it needs to swop polarity to go up or down which will be done in the wiring system.6 pins could mean the "swapping" is done by the actual motor unit.You might need to go down the relay route too.

supernova2, May 2, 8:46am
Sad to say it might work out cheeper and a lot easier to use the genuine parts.

clark20, May 2, 10:17am
I would just like to buy a replacement part, however one that fits.

treachug, May 2, 7:28pm
Dammit - I've got rear window regulator repair kits (cable & the white clip part that breaks) for every colour Astra except blue ones - (actually will do blue colour Astras as well).
1998 is the changeover from Astra F ('94-98) to Astra G ('98-'05) model. Maybe you have got the F series regulator instead of the later G series!

clark20, May 26, 6:46am
Finally found the part at Holden, $490 for OE or $160 for aftermarket. Thanks Holden.

gammelvind, May 26, 7:17am
Those extra pins are the expensive part

supernova2, May 26, 7:29am
Whats the bet both parts are the same but just in a different box/label.Had a similar experience at nissan over something once.First question was do you want the expensive or the cheep!Found it a bit odd that the franchise dealer was pushing the so called "aftermarket" bits then after looking at them decided both the same just the expensive package missing.Remember years ago wanting something for a Rover.NZMC guy said you want the Rover one or the Morris one!Whats the difference!The Box!Was a Lucas bit.Tipped them both out of the boxs and identical right down to the numbers stamped into the part.Price difference about 200%.

clark20, May 26, 9:25am
Well the one I got you had to use the old motor with the black box (with 6 pins) attached, which is OK. I had my car serviced at the same time and they swapped it all over for me for nothing, I think it was a quiet day.

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